1st birthday

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rainbowrain Sat 02-Apr-11 00:55:03

Did you have a first birthday party for your LO? if so, what did you do for it?

CBear6 Sat 02-Apr-11 07:47:46

We didn't. Our nephew had his 1st birthday two months before DS. SIL spent a fortune on hiring a bouncy castle and soft play equipment for her garden, she put on a buffet and a birthday cake but she's never taken DN to any baby club or groups and we were the only other people we knew with a LO so it was the two babies, about four older children, and the rest was all adults most of whom sat on the garden wall getting pissed. It was just a complete shambles, she hadn't sorted the house out so we were all tripping over her piles of clutter (literally), she had no baby-proofing despite having her own baby so we were constantly pulling DS off the stairs/fire/TV etc, and she hadn't catered for any soft drinks for the kids who were there just wine or lager. DN went into over-stimulation meltdown about half an hour in, laying facedown on the garden path sobbing his heart out, SIL was one of the adults getting pissed on the garden wall so we ended up soothing him and he fell asleep which she went mental about. All in all it was just a disaster. Not to say yours would be like that! That's an extreme example but it really did put me off throwing a party of our own.

Instead of a party we used the money we would have spent to go away for the weekend, just the three of us. We had a great time and would do it again. I'm due another baby and his/her birthday will only be 1-2 weeks after DS's so as they get a little bit older I will probably start having joint parties for them but I don't plan to start until DS is at nursery and actualy has some friends to invite.

Tee2072 Sat 02-Apr-11 08:18:09

Nope. I had my parents and the in laws here and we had a nice meal and some cake. The only part my son cared about was the cake!

MillieMummy Sat 02-Apr-11 08:23:18

We had big parties for both DS and DD for their first birthdays; lots of family and friends with chidren of all ages. As we didn't have either DC's christened we wanted to have a big party in honour of the birthday boy/girl and as a celebration for the poor parents who had managed to survive year one.

Moomoomie Sat 02-Apr-11 08:25:39

I had a few friends and their children over and we sat in the garden in the sunshine, drinking coffee.

Bunbaker Sat 02-Apr-11 08:26:44

No. MIL, SIL and her husband came for the day, and that was it. I don't see the point in making a big deal of a first birthday in that respect. DD had some serious health issues so, for us, her simply achieving her first birthday was a big deal.

geordieminx Sat 02-Apr-11 08:30:42

We had a party, mainly family, friends and a few mums and babies we knew.

Spent a forune on food, drink, decorations (everything had to match blush), spent 2 days before cleaning and prepping, 2 days after cleaning up.

Ds hated it. Totally freaked out by 20 100000 people in his house. It was fine, but n hindsight we wouldn't do it again. Infact 2nd and 3rd birthday we went on holiday (may so ideal time), and only this yeats (4th) are we doing a proper party for nursery friends.

grumpykat25 Sat 02-Apr-11 08:31:41

Sort of. We went to the local vietnamese cafe (my daughter would eat rice/noodles for breakfast lunch AND dinner if we let her!) with family and her two baby friends and their parents. Lots of food, lots of cake and dd inhaled her first steamed pancake roll!

tabbyH Sat 02-Apr-11 09:03:53

We had a cake afternoon with family and friends. I wanted something because we aren't getting her christened. No fuss or presents, just cake and soft drinks. It worked well - people came, ate cake then left! Then more turned up. That way house wasn't too busy and we got to talk to everyone, kids had room to play and everyone ate cake! Cake is important in my life

storminateacup10 Sat 02-Apr-11 09:20:04

just family over for a small get-together, cake and pressies...also celebrated the fact that one year prior I had been in horrific pain due to a very bad first birth...took me a year to get over it, so first birthday was also a time to reflect...

storminateacup10 Sat 02-Apr-11 09:21:24

good for you Bunbaker- and my heart goes out to you too- I hope your daughter has many many more birthdays to come :-)

Bunbaker Sat 02-Apr-11 09:23:30

Thanks storm. DD is ten now and those health issues are behind us. DD's first year was very difficult and involved 8 admissions to hospital. I wish I could have enjoyed her babyhood more, but I couldnt wait for her to get bigger so that her problems could be resolved, which they have completely now.

thinkingkindly Sat 02-Apr-11 09:59:45

I had a tea party with my mum friends and their babies (4). DH was working, but got to say Hi. It was simple and lovely. That was for DD1. For DD2, I had my parents and ILs and a few mum friends. Again, quite simple.

trixie123 Sat 02-Apr-11 11:56:52

we had a party in the garden of the pub a few doors down. £3 a head for buffet food and people bought their own drinks. I made a cake. We didn't have a christening or anything for DS so this was sort of a substitute for that. The pub has a few rockers, little tikes cars etc and some of our friends have DCs who are babies or no older than 4 so it worked out really nicely. Very casual but felt like we'd made an efort. Spent about a tenner on 1st birthday banners and balloons and hats for the LOs I think.

storminateacup10 Sat 02-Apr-11 20:48:17

blimey Bun, must have been tough- tough enough for a first baby even when they are 100% healthy and you still stress about every little niggle...bet you'll make the most of her and any birthday from now on though :-)

NosyRosie Sat 02-Apr-11 20:55:08

DD's 1st birthday is the day after Easter Monday. We'll spend the Monday as a family and probably take her to see some animals somewhere, then we'll have a small birthday tea with a couple of baby friends on the day.

A friend of mine had 3 parties for her DS to cover 3 different lots of friends!

Tigresswoods Sat 02-Apr-11 21:02:25

Wow CBear6, now that's a party!

mummynoseynora Sat 02-Apr-11 21:06:45

for dd (pfb blush) she ended up having about 3 parties! one with the group of post natal mums we knew, and two seperate family ones I think... to be fair they were all small tea type things at home, but 3 birthday cakes etc grin blush

for DS - it was a bit of a nightmare! didn't have a postnatal group of mums, and was a week day, so dd was at preschool - ended up taking him to soft play with DD and a friend and her DS in the afternoon (his first trip there) and then had kind of an open house tea party after, which most family didn't come to due to various illnesses...
to top it off, he had some fruit salad at the tea party and managed to decide on his birthday being a good day to let us know he's allergic to strawberries.... cue 3 hours of projectile vomiting, followed by not even keeping water down until about 10pm when he finally went to sleep! sigh....

monkoray Sat 02-Apr-11 21:08:11

We had an afternoon party for our mates (non of which have babies) and the grand parents. Our ds got loads of presents and was thoroughly spoilt by everyone and had a great time, and so did we cos we got to see all our friends

cherrychoo Sat 02-Apr-11 21:11:29

Birthday is in July so we had a huge BBQ int he garden for all of our friends and relies.
We didnt have a Christening so made a huge fuss of his 1st birthday.
It was fantastic.

LittlebearH Sat 02-Apr-11 21:15:51

We had 14 of our friends and families kids at an indoor soft play place which was fab, all the kids were between 8mo and 9 so there was something for all of them, the parents could watch on and chat. It was from 10.30am-12.30 so after wearing themselves out, ate lunch and DD was home in time for her afternoon nap. No mess to clear up either!

rainbowrain Sun 03-Apr-11 12:08:04

thank you everyone, we haven't really had a party for him yet. his birthday is on easter monday so am thinking of maybe a bbq if weather is good. i'm thinking its probably more for adults as don't have many baby friends though may be a couple of young children. just not sure whether we need to organise any activities or anything. haven't organised anything like this before so don't want to have people just standing around being bored. so any guidance on must haves would be very useful too. it won't be anything too big though, maybe up to 10-15 people.

thanks all

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