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Accidents at Nursery.

(16 Posts)
Spring Mon 17-Sep-01 15:32:49

How often do your children get bumps and bruises at Nursery. My 2 year old is very active but I'm getting a bit worried about the number of bruises she is receiving. She is my first child so I have nothing to compare this with. I am very happy with the staff and care she receives at Nursery and they spend a lot of time outside playing in the fresh air. However a comment from my MIL has made me question whether I'm too easy going and should be questioning them (MIL made me so cross, hinting that they 'obviously don't have enough staff or are not experienced enough). Should I speak to them or should I be worried that she seems to be so clumsy lately?? What is normal for a 2 year old who runs everywhere?

Robinw Mon 17-Sep-01 17:10:52

message withdrawn

Bloom Mon 17-Sep-01 19:46:21

I run two Day Nurseries and would have to say that not a day goes by that we are not recording bumps and bruises in the accident books.

However, I would say that some children get more bumps and bruises than others. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, they tend to be the sort of children that run everywhere instead of walk. Second, they are usually more daring children (climbing on things, etc). Third, they attend the nursery more frequently (full time usually).

I would not worry about it too much, but make sure that all bumps and bruises are in the accident book and that you are shown this on the day that it happens and are asked to sign it. This is not just good practice, but also a regulation that all nurseries must follow.

Batters Mon 17-Sep-01 20:18:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hmonty Tue 18-Sep-01 07:57:10

We have a running joke at the nursery we use that we should have our own accident book. My two are in it so often! I'm sure the staff are caring for my children brilliantly but they're just the sort of kids Bloom describes. The word walk means nothing to them. The accidents are always recorded and we always have to sign to say that we've seen it - even when the care given was just 'lots of cuddles' or similar. I'm hoping this is just a clumsy stage - although it's lasted rather a long time!

Paula1 Tue 18-Sep-01 09:06:56

My sons nursery records absolutely everything in the accident book. Often, by the time they try to show me whatever 'injury' they want me to sign for you can't even see it anymore! My son always has bruises on his shins, and is definitely more daring when he is with other children, and frequently throws himself off the tricycle so that he can have the cold compress and cuddles!

Spring Tue 18-Sep-01 13:52:15

Thanks for your replies. The Nursery do have an accident book and the only time she has hurt herself and they didn't see/record it was when she broke her collar bone! This sounds more alarming that the event actually was which is why I didn't put it in my original post. She had fallen over in the morning and hardly cried, she told her Keyworker she had hurt her knee. As her knee wasn't grazed, bruised or the fall witnessed they didn't put it in the book. During the day she didn't seem well and when I collected her they thought she was under the weather, hadn't eaten much but had no temperature. To cut a long story short, I took her to A&E as her collarbone was bruised and swollen (only apparent when I undressed her) but as she had full use of her arm even the Doctor was thinking it was some sort of infection/localised allergy reaction or (less likely) deep bone infection coming through. As she is so active, plays with the rougher boys, always outside, and as Bloom mentioned, very daring with little sense of danger I was happy to accept that she had obviously put her hands out to break her fall. While she was wearing the sling it became quite apparent that this type of break from a fall is not uncommon.

Well, last night when I collected her I was asked to sign the accident book as she had a bruise on her forehead. One of the boys had knocked her over. You can imagine my mind going into a spin as it was less than an hour since asking you all if I should be worried after MIL expressing her view!!! Before I could say anything at all her keyworker asked me if I agreed with her that maybe my dd should have a half hour nap during the day as it seems that she has been quite clumsy since we stopped her daytime nap some weeks ago. Equilibrium once again restored.

Last night I asked dh to speak to MIL and explain about the nap thing and maybe hint that she was a bit quick to form such a strong opinion with a sensitive issue. I would never EVER compromise my daughter's safety, let alone pay for daycare I wasn't confident with. ARGHHHH. To make me cringe even more, my SIL rang later in the evening and mentioned 'I hear you're having problems with the Nursery'.

In my opinion she probably keeps falling over at the moment as MIL bought her some Barbie 'flashing' trainers and she walks around looking at her feet!!! Anyway, I'm even more confident in the Nursery as I hadn't even thought about her being clumsy as she isn't coping with such a long day. Bad mother...................

Bloss Tue 18-Sep-01 15:24:04

Message withdrawn

Toasty Fri 21-Sep-01 15:26:43

My son is at Nursery and has been full time since he was 9 months - and to be honest if he doesnt have some kin d of bruise/bump/scratch/bite! I think he has had a bad day!! and can somebody please let me in on the abbreviations ie. dds etc etc I have read these when searching the boards amongst others for your partner (which I cannot remember). Dont want to sound like a complete novice!!

Jacquikd Fri 21-Sep-01 16:14:08


I think ds is "dear son" and dd is "dear daughter". Also, dh is "dear husband" I think.


Bloss Fri 21-Sep-01 16:57:46

Message withdrawn

Toasty Mon 24-Sep-01 13:00:29

Thanks Bloss does help alot !!

threeangels Fri 05-Apr-02 22:09:36

Ive worked in a daycares for the past 15 years and I always had a child going home with one bruise or another. Sometimes I felt all I did is write up accident reports. Kids are quite active when it comes to day-cares. With so many things to do and so many kids they are bound to get boo-boos. I would defanately question the workers if your child is coming home with bruises everyday though. Just to hear their response. Im not saying the workers are not sincere but Ive known many workers over the years who were thought of as being good workers but when the parents left they were totally the opposite. I would just keep an eye out on how often your child comes home with bruises. If they dont you should make them document when ever there is an accident. I would be quite surprised if they did not do accident forms each time there is a bruise or bump. That way it can be kepted on file.

Art Mon 08-Apr-02 18:58:58

Bloss - while you are helping out with mumsnet text, can you tell me how to do those little yellow smily faces please.

Oops - Ive been using LOL to mean lots of love (like when I sign off) so hope I havent offended anyone writing about serious stuff and put LOL where its been read as lots of laughs.

Pupuce Mon 08-Apr-02 20:47:08

Hi Art,
Check "Getting Started" at the top of this page to have all the smiley secrets !!!

Art Sat 13-Apr-02 20:11:00


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