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3 car seats in mazda 6

(8 Posts)
snoopy72 Wed 16-Feb-11 17:17:20

We have a new baby due shortly and need to fit three car seats in the back of our Mazda 6. Halfords have suggested a combination of a new baby seat I already had with a britax elipse and either a maxi cosi rodi or a graco logico L. I am very excited that we might not need to sell a car and buy a bigger one I am a bit worried if there is something I am missing as nowhere else on the internet can I see where people have managed to fit 3 seats in the back of a standard (non MPV) car. Has anyone any experience of 3 seats in teh back of a non-MPV and anything I should be looking for? Thanks in advance.

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 16-Feb-11 17:30:38

I have the same question but a different car and will be waiting for responses....!

salsarocks Wed 16-Feb-11 17:37:21

I also have the same question but with an Audi A4. Can I ask what baby seat Halfords recommend?

arfanarf Wed 16-Feb-11 17:37:40

Yes,I have three in a Freelander. I'm a childminder and have had three seats in a variety of cars over the years, have never had an MPV.

snoopy72 Wed 16-Feb-11 20:56:09

The baby seat was one I already had - a Graco one with a base from about 4 years ago. Not sure they make it now.

flaime Thu 17-Feb-11 17:59:43

We used to have a rear facing britax car seat on one side for the baby, a graco booster seat in the middle for our 4yr old (using adult seatbelt), and a britax high backed seat with a harness on the other side - this was in a vectra.

It was a total pain in the neck to do the middle seatbelt up but you can fit them in.

This was actually easier than when we moved onto three forward facing seats but our rear facing one didn't have a fixed base.

You should check they aren't going to rub on the seatbelt holders.

BlueberryPancake Thu 17-Feb-11 20:53:30

yes same here I babysit and we have a britax (rock a tot I think) without a base, on one side, a boosterseat in themiddle for older child and a high back booster with three point harnest (I think it's graco) and I have a Mazda 6. You have to fit in middle kid before the baby but once you're used to it it's OK. I don't think it would fit it was a isofix rear facing or even just a carseat with a larger base.

SianRasdale Fri 24-Jun-11 15:25:57

Hi, I have a Mazda 6 and am facing the same situation in about 10 weeks. If you don't mind me asking what age/model of mazda 6 do you have? Were Halfords quite happy to provide this kind of advice - did you have to make an appointment? What order did you put the seats in?
Any other advice really appreciated, would love to avoid buying a bigger car right now.

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