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Boys Wearing Vests, am i just old fashioned?

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rsq Sat 05-Feb-11 23:29:39

As its really cold, i send my 7 year old boy to school with a vest under his school shirt. My little man says to me that only one other boy in his class wears a vest which i find totally surprising. Its freezing and most of the kids just wonder around with a thin shirt and jumper.

Is it just me that sends thier son to school with a vest on or am i just totally old fashioned??


coldtits Sat 05-Feb-11 23:30:28

I don't, never have, nobody wore vests in the eighties as far as I saw whilst changing for \PE

Jajas Sat 05-Feb-11 23:31:29

Oh gosh mine always wear vests in the winter (8 years old). Wouldn't dream of sending them out vestless grin!

rsq Sat 05-Feb-11 23:34:11

Oh i'm pleased i am not the only one jajas. Although it seems that the girls do, it seems to be more acceptable but as my son says, the boys dont seem to.

Don't want him to seem the odd one out of that makes sense. But i dont think just a shirt and jumper is warm enough, especially this time of year.

Your know what they are like about wearing coats, would rather run around with them lol

DelicateFluffyBunny Sat 05-Feb-11 23:38:06

My boys are 6 and 3 and always wear vests. In fact, if for some reason they go vestless I always worry about them being cold no matter how many other layers they have. blush

CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 05-Feb-11 23:39:15

Yep, I put vests on mine in the winter. Not spring or summer though.

chiefcook Sat 05-Feb-11 23:45:12

my 5yo always has a vest on, so do most of his class.

notapizzaeater Sat 05-Feb-11 23:47:25

My DS wears short sleeved vests (like a T shirt) but he won't wear a jumper unless its minus 10 outside ....

TheNewStig Sat 05-Feb-11 23:47:59

DS asks for a vest if there are none left in his drawer. Won't go to school without in winter.

Valpollicella Sat 05-Feb-11 23:48:31

Vests all the way through till about May for DS

I think this is a throwback to having been brought up in Italy (Italy!! ffs) where we all wore long sleeved thermal vests until about March.

I worry about him getting a chill in his kidneys if he doesn't wear one...

(have been waiting ages to be able to say that grin Twas what my mum used to say. Proof we do turn into our parents...)

McDreamy Sat 05-Feb-11 23:50:17

Vests here for my 3 - DD 8 DS 5 and DD 2 (tomorrow) wear them until spring.

Valpollicella Sat 05-Feb-11 23:53:04

He doesn't wear thermal long sleeve ones btw. I'm not my mother completely grin

Just standard ones

rsq Sat 05-Feb-11 23:54:32

Am so pleased to hear that, thought it was just me being odd he he.

Why do you think its more "socially acceptable" for girls to wear them and not boys. I can't see the difference?

Is there also an age where they should stop wearing them (again i'm talking socially acceptable again)

My husband is 31 and he still wears them. Just wondering what everyone elses POV was. Especially as i seem to be the only one who puts my ds in one these days, well at the school he is at anyway.

rsq Sat 05-Feb-11 23:55:40

Valpollicella, my son has the sleeveless ones. He finds the long sleeves too restrictive, little boys are weird he he.

Jajas Sat 05-Feb-11 23:56:49

Mine have never commented so will continue to wear them as long as they don't mind.

rolf at husband wearing them at 31 though grin!

rsq Sun 06-Feb-11 00:04:12

My husband looks great in a vest :-) Bruce Willis eat your heart out!!!

cat64 Sun 06-Feb-11 00:10:48

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Sun 06-Feb-11 00:11:34

Both my boys wear vests (singlet style) all the time unless it is really hot.

If the vest look is bothering your DS, you can get some great little thermal vests that look just like t shirts in M&S and Primark.

My DH wears whte t shirts under his work shirts in winter. Bruce Forsyth eat yer heart out...wink

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 06-Feb-11 08:21:59

DD wears a vest, she will be 10 in May. Hers aren't even discreet, they are stripy, flowery, abstract, blocks of lime or cerise........ we do live in Belgium though.

timetosmile Sun 06-Feb-11 08:31:36

DS2 (3) wears one, DS1, now 10, wore one through the infants (all nice and snuggly and tucked in not to get a chill etc..) then wouldn't in the juniors as the classrooms were too warm.
I went in to help out at school that term and it was blazing hot, all of them in just polo shirts, so I could see his point!
DCs all have them under their Pjs though
I have lovely thermal Matalan ones (too much information?blush)

ShuffleBallChange Sun 06-Feb-11 08:35:56

Yep, 5 year old DS wears a vest, I too worry that he's going to freeze if he doesn't as he refuses to wear a coat most of the time!

MollieO Sun 06-Feb-11 08:37:22

Ds (6) wears a vest but I think he is in the minority (have seen his classmates in their karate outfits and most don't seem to have a vest on underneath). In the same way ds has a coat to wear over his blazer. I'm amazed at the number of children in his school who don't.

Secretwishescometrue Sun 06-Feb-11 08:46:56

I think its a lot to do with where you grow up cause my dh is north african and has always and will always wear one and he does not look like an old man in it, think more Bruce Willis here too grin both my boys wear vests too

MumInBeds Sun 06-Feb-11 08:47:09

DS has just started secondary and still wears a vest, I have offered him the chance yo stop but he wants to keep wearing them - that said, he has AS and really doesn't care what other kids think of him.

Goblinchild Sun 06-Feb-11 08:49:31

I was just going to post the same thing.
Mine thinks it's illogical to choose to be cold and uncomfortable.

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