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Waterworks reward toy as seen on Supernanny

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nappyaddict Thu 27-Jan-11 23:23:10

water works behavior reward toy (as seen on supernanny parks family episosde)
This was seen on the episode featuring the Park family. Their 6year old Kyle had ADHD and this toy was his reward for good behavior. I can't tell if it is something that is available for purchase, homemade or a combo of both. Jo Frost refered to it as "waterworks". There was some brightly coloured cups, each for a different behavior. He could fill each cup halfway with water if he completed each task and then pour the water in this big multicolored tube. As water went into the tube there was a ball inside that began to float and rise up the tube. If he completed all of the tasks the ball would float to the top. 4 year old DS loves water and I think this might really work for him.

Does anyone know the thing I mean and if I can buy one from somewhere?

totts79 Fri 22-Apr-11 07:36:05

hi ive just watched this show and tried searching for this reward system, did you ever manage to find out anything? it looked like it would really work with my autistic child.... very visual

Parietal Fri 22-Apr-11 07:57:24

Sounds like you could build it if you could get a clear plastic tube and buy some coloured cups?

trailridinmomma Tue 21-Jun-16 15:48:19

i have searched everywhere and can not find "Waterworks" , can anyone out there help ??? it would be greatly appreciated !

FeckinCrutches Tue 21-Jun-16 15:51:33

This thread is five years old so I doubt it!

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