need help about adult teeth for my 8 year old....please

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inbetweener Thu 13-Jan-11 12:13:19

Hi all,
I wasnt at all sure where I should post this but just wondered if anyone can help.
I have a an 8 year old DD who has only lost one baby tooth. Its at the bottom at the front. This was followed by the adult tooth pushing through as normal. However the tiny baby tooth right next to it didnt budge and isnt wobbly so the adult tooth has come through sideways as the gap isnt big enough. She now has no more wobbly teeth and a new adult tooth right next to it has come through behind the other baby one that wont budge.
There are also more adult teeth pushing through at the top but becuase the baby ones arent bloody budging they are popping up behind the bay ones or in weird positions !
I took her to the dentist ( twice ) and they said they cant do anything until all the adult teeth are through and then try and fix it with braces hmm.
I dont know whether they should be pulling the baby teeth out to give the adult teeth room, but am scared about putting her through that, or leave it and then she has to endure braces which wont be very pleasant as I had to have them when I was younger. Hers will be much worse then mine though as she will have to have them top and bottom.

Any thoughts ? Anyone been through something like this ?

inbetweener Thu 13-Jan-11 15:18:06

Anyone ?? grin

FanjoForTheMammaries Thu 13-Jan-11 15:33:09

I work for a dentist and am told to tell anyone who calls worried about adult teeth coming in before the baby teeth fall out that this is normal, they will come out eventually, and that teeth do a lot of shifting and settling after coming in, even if they look crooked at first. smile

mrsmummy Thu 13-Jan-11 15:51:17

This happened with one of my dd's teeth on the bottom, the adult tooth grew behind it, eventually it pushed the baby tooth out but the adult tooth was `set back` - it was very obvious for awhile but the adult tooth is now inline with her others - dentist also told me not to worry and it is quite common

sybilvimes Thu 13-Jan-11 15:59:24

My ds1 has lots of teeth like this. Most of them grow up behind the baby ones and have taken a year or so before the old teeth fall out, then there isn't room for the new tooth to come forward.

My dentist has said that it is really common and that the tongue will push the tooth forward when there is room for it. Try not to worry.

sarahtigh Sat 15-Jan-11 09:44:56

I am a dentist don't worry some strightening will happen naturally when baby teeth fall out. It is very rare that we actually take out baby teeth, normally would insist on xray first to check all adult teeth present, because occasionally adult teeth are missing . my Dad had 2 baby teeth until he was 54 as no permanent teeth in that position.

try not to worry, loads of kids have braces but much easier to dela with later

AnnOnimous Sat 15-Jan-11 10:55:19

My dentist refers to this as the 'ugly duckling' stage, and says that almost all children's teeth are crooked.

Oh, and almost all children these days have braces.

My DD, nearly 14, was at the ortho just last week. She has still only lost eight of her baby teeth, and will need major ortho work. However, the ortho does not recommend pulling out the baby teeth to encourage everything to get a move on, just says it will happen in time and we see him again in six months, then 12 months if not has moved on yet.

She currently has lots of gaps, some malformed teeth, some missing teeth and lots of squint, and the ortho reassures me that a hollywood smile will be hers.

Bonkerz Sat 15-Jan-11 11:10:33

My DS is 11 in July and only lost 5 baby teeth so far. He has also been very lucky and never had a gap as his adult teeth have been through and pushed the baby tooth out before the baby tooth falls out! Dentist is not bothered and says its normal! We did have to take him to get one baby tooth pulled as it had been hanging on by a thick stringy bit for over a week and we could not pull it out!

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