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Scooter anarchy

(4 Posts)
kerrykatonaskebab Wed 12-Jan-11 14:03:56

So DS (3.5yrs) has a scooter which he loves. We used to just let him on it in the park, but he now wants to use it instead of walking.

Its good in some ways ie. saves me taking double buggy out and gives him more exercise. However, he can go really fast on it and although my rules are: stay on the pavement, near me, stop and wait at roads, hold my hand when crossing roads, stop and wait when asked, he finds it hard to follow them all the time.

Most of the time he is fine but sometimes he just doesnt stop and its really worrying me. Ive tried regular rewards for good scootering and explained road safety but every now and then he just gets stubborn and wants to do it his way.. when he does this I have been taking it away and making him walk, this cues a total meltdown.

Anyone have any ideas how I can help him understand its about safety? Anything else I can do to keep him safe while we are out?

redcats Wed 12-Jan-11 14:36:20

mmm, I have been there and done that!! dont know if you may find it a bit too harsh but it is a serious safety matter, so i would tell him when we wen tout that if he didnt stop etc then he wouldnt be allowed out with scooter next time, also that I would give him one reminder per outing. I stuck to the no scooter next time thing as well.

Another thing we used was if he didnt comply with instructions he would have to walk it instead of riding it.

UniS Wed 12-Jan-11 19:59:28

what has worked for getting good behaviour by busy road into my sons head has been. When he does something dangerous he gets a total bollocking for it ( the 1st time I did this he was 3.6). Tends to make him cry as he doesn't like it. HOWEVER it sticks with him and I've only had to do it once in any situation.
SO once for running across a road with out looking, once for deciding he could turn across traffic on his bike before I had said it was safe to do so. Actually, after the 2nd of those I didn't let him ride his bike to anything for a week or two and he had to walk.

He is routinely reminded that if , when on his bike/scooter, he doesn't obey his parents instructions we will be getting off and walking (and chaining his bike to nearest tree). We live in a rural area and there is no alternative to riding (or walking ) on the road if you wish to leave the house.

kerrykatonaskebab Thu 13-Jan-11 09:37:06

Redcats I like the one reminder idea, will try that one.

Think you are both right and I do need to be harsh and ignore the complete meltdown, and continue to take it away if he doesnt comply.

Any other ideas appreciated.

Right. deep breath.

[braces self]

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