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coonfused and upset about dd´s behaviour

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bananasananas Tue 11-Jan-11 10:52:10

DD is 8 (eldest of three) and has not been herself since last summer. She just seems anxious, aggressive towards family, unsure of herself, and things that she previouly did happily are now a challenge for her. I spoke to the school and all is fine there - has friends, does well etc. I´ve sought some private help
and was given advice on what I could do, this was focused more on the agression.

She went back to school on Monday (live in Austria) but said she did not want to go to school - she refused to stay there, following me down the street in her indoor shoes and no coat to drop brother off at Kindergarten. I went back to school with her, and sat at the back of the class for 2 hours (meanwhile she interacted normally with her friends and did her work) until the teacher and I decided I should just bring her home. The afternoon was okay, though still needing lots of attention.

This morning she did not want to go to school either.There were lots of tears. I sat in the class with her for 3 hours (suggested by teacher and head teacher) and then the head teacher sent me away. I sneaked out while DD was doing gym. We had spoken to my dd about what was worrying her and there is nothing really except that she does not want me to go away, and wants me to stay with her.

Even though I think it was the right thing to do, I feel bad cos I said I would stay and did not.

I don´t know how to take it further. The head teacher said we should be stricter and make her go to school. Of course we have promised good things if she goes, and yesterday she did not get to any privileges she wanted but I don´t know how one can make a child of 8 go to school. I told the head teacher that she has been restrained in another setting (after school/holiday club) until I got away, but unless they are willing to do this, I cannot leave a screaming child in a class with only one teacher who has another 20 children to look out for....I´m just so confused about it all...

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