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Would you leave your 13 and 11 year old while the toddler slept...

(23 Posts)
Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 19:25:46

While you went out running with your DH for 30-40 minutes? Really not sure about this one - we live in a very quiet area, have neighbours who would happily deal with any emergency that arose, and we'd be 10 minutes away (thanks to a cleverly worked out route). DH started running last year, and it would be a great incentive to get off my big backside, as well as spending a bit of time with him 2/3 times a week.

Advice from the MN jury required please...

homeboys Tue 04-Jan-11 19:58:03

Message withdrawn

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 20:04:10

I say toddler - he's nearly 4 blush. Too old for a nap, and I'm at work during the day so no chance to nip out then with him in the buggy (he wouldn't sit in it anyway). He never, ever wakes up - and if he did we'd be back in 10 minutes, his brother and sister would be there as would my neighbour whom he knows very well, and is very happy with - he plays with her 2 boys.

NewYearMoos Tue 04-Jan-11 20:06:28

Is this of an evening, when toddler is down for the night?

personally I would. As you said, you are only 10 minutes away, and presumably you trust your 13yo?

sweetheart Tue 04-Jan-11 20:06:46

I probably would yes - it really depends how mature the kids are and how used to looking after the toddler they are. My dd is 10 and we leave her at home for up to about 30mins.

NewYearMoos Tue 04-Jan-11 20:06:57

cross post sorry

go for it. I would!!

Spidermama Tue 04-Jan-11 20:08:30

God yes! Of course. A 12 and 13 year old are perfectly capable of babysitting a four year old.

theagedparent Tue 04-Jan-11 20:08:33

I probably would too but would be worrying all the time I was out and clutching my phone in case it rang x

herbietea Tue 04-Jan-11 20:11:27

Message withdrawn

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 20:12:20

Yes, in the evening. We'd get him down to sleep, and the elder 2 would do their homework. They actually let themselves in after school 2 days a week when I'm working and they are fine (again with a network of neighbours, friends and emergency contacts inc an afterschool club 2 minutes walk away which they used to go to when they were younger). It's just the bit about being left 'in charge' of a sleeping 4 year old, even though they are very sensible and mature - but it is only a couple of times a week for a short time....

jamaisjedors Tue 04-Jan-11 20:14:20

I babysat babies from age 13 (although I kind of shudder at the thought now that I have my own children!).

Sounds absolutely fine to me. good luck with the running.

CybilScissorhands Tue 04-Jan-11 20:15:45

I would

dizzeelizzee Tue 04-Jan-11 20:17:06

Yup. I would.

DarrellRivers Tue 04-Jan-11 20:17:24

now off you go
run run run

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 20:18:04

Cheers guys - I must admit I was expecting to hear a collective intake of breaths before a flaming! Thanks for the advice smile

DarrellRivers Tue 04-Jan-11 20:18:25

and yes, I was always v scared babysitting babies as a teenager in case they woke up grin
Toddlers and small children were great though

homeboys Tue 04-Jan-11 20:19:34

Message withdrawn

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 20:28:45

I should confess that I use the term 'run' very loosely - a slow, wheezing, whiney shuffle whilst complaining about the cold and the pain might be more accurate...I can see our bonding runs together ending in tears

coldtits Tue 04-Jan-11 20:29:58

yes, with a 13 year old in the house.

DarrellRivers Tue 04-Jan-11 20:30:25

You'll be wishing we said 'stay at home' grin

It will be motivating [positive thoughts]

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 04-Jan-11 20:36:28

Thanks for the positive thoughts - they are required by the bucket load!

I shall, of course, be blaming my shin splints on you all grin

meandjoe Tue 04-Jan-11 22:57:17

GOD yes! do it so long as the 13 yr old will always be around, not sure I'd trust an 11 year old with baby sitting. Sounds like 4yr old will most likely sleep right through it not even know you've gone!

hels71 Wed 05-Jan-11 09:34:12

At 12 I was often left in charge of my siblings..(at the time 10, 8, 4 and newborn...)

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