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stopping 14month old hitting me in the face?

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stretchmark Tue 04-Jan-11 15:05:18

Hiya, as above my ds keeps hitting/slapping me in the face, he's not being aggressive or nasty when he does it tho he's smiling and its normally after i've picked him up and kissed him, like its his way of being affectionate.

I've tried ignoring it, telling him off (tho he doesnt seem to understand), explaining in firm tones(once again i dont think he understands!) also tried bellowing but he just grizzles and soon as he gets a chance he'll do it again..i think the raised voice scares him. anyway he's been doing it for months now and as he's getting bigger it actually hurts when he gets u in the eyeball!!

any ideas/hints/tips or tricks in dealing with this?

Thank you

BornToFolk Tue 04-Jan-11 15:19:23

Try and catch his hand before he does it and say "no, don't hit, hitting hurts. You can stroke mummy instead" and show him how to stroke your cheek.

If he does stroke your cheek, give him lots of praise, cuddles etc. If he hits, say (don't shout) "no hitting", put him down on the floor and walk away.

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