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do i get rid of the dummy?!

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rachybaby24 Wed 29-Dec-10 23:33:04

Hi, I would really love some advice on what to do about this!
I have a little 3 month old boy an up until recently he was starting to sleep a lot longer in the night, one night was until 6.30(which was brilliant!)
But the last few weeks he is waking up every hour (or half hour sometimes) because his dummy has fallen out so I am having to get up constantly to put it back in.
He will not go to sleep witout it, he will lie there an scream an even if I rock him he does not calm down and as soon as that dummy is in his mouth he goes staright to sleep.
I dont know whether to try and let him cry it out without he dummy or just carry on gettin up to give it him?
I dont know how much longer i can cope having 3 hours sleep a night, as soon as its back in his mouth im waiting for him to wake up again! if anyone has any advice that would be great!! xx

moirasings Thu 30-Dec-10 16:50:53

Get rid of the dummy. In our house the "squirrels stole it" from both my DD and DS when they were two ish. You will have a week of hell and then things will calm down. Do it when you have some back up and are feeling strong. DON'T give up half way through - in fact throw them right out into the rubbish bin outside so you are not tempted at 3 am. When he wakes up go and say everything's ok, tuck him in and go back to bed. You might have to repeat this several times until he settles, but you don't want him to replace his dummy with you as a means of soothing himself back to sleep - this is a skill he needs to learn so you can all get some rest!

touser Thu 30-Dec-10 20:52:25

Our little one had a dummy to go to sleep until 6 months, when we unswaddled her. We didn't offer her a dummy at any other time than sleep time and it was a big part of our bed routine.

Yes, she did go through a stage at around 4 months old where she woke up regularly wanting her dummy, (and I thought I'd never sleep again) but this passed. Not sure why...think she got better at self settling as she got older.

When we started putting her in a sleeping bag, we put a dummy in the cot attached to a comforter for a few days, but she soon lost interest in it and we removed it entirely. She now just sleeps with the comforter.

Maybe you could try attaching a dummy to a comforter so that your LO can replace himself? I found our LO just sucked on her comforter which meant we could get rid of the dummy. You can buy comforter with velco attachments for dummies.

Hope this helps - good luck!

rachybaby24 Thu 30-Dec-10 21:53:33

Thanks Im going to prepare my self for loads of crying and take it away and just see how it goes, hopefully he will be ok after a few days! xx

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