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a massive fantastic indoor softplay/adventure place in and around london, off A406 by tesco???

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cornonthecob Wed 29-Dec-10 13:09:51

overheard someone mentioning a massive one off the a406 behind a big tescos but despite my googling skills cant find it.

anyone know or suggest any?

we've done most of the north london softplays; sobell, talacre, little dinasours, pirate castle, (late) zoomaround, even a wacky warehouse! all much the same and looking for something bigger and different iykwim! we are willing to travel within an hour...

we went to one in czech last year and it was huge, had indoor climbing, cars, bouncy castle, bikes, trampolines as well as the usual climbing frames... just wondering if there is anything similar here, assuming outskirts of london as cheaper for space etc!


employmentqueries Wed 29-Dec-10 13:13:47

?Brent Cross

ChippedChinaTeacup Wed 29-Dec-10 13:19:11

There used to be Clown Town behind the tesco on Colney Hatch Lane, that sounds like where you mean.

I have no idea if it's still there tho, my two have long outgrown it.

cornonthecob Wed 29-Dec-10 13:20:26

thanks employment, forgot to add been/done topsyturvey world! how sad, but happy kids happy parents...esp when they are tired out from being happy!!

cornonthecob Wed 29-Dec-10 13:25:46

THANKS ChippedChinaTeacup love mn!!

ChippedChinaTeacup Wed 29-Dec-10 20:57:50

Was that the one you were looking for?

Zipitydoda Wed 29-Dec-10 23:03:45

Clown town is still open. My kids love it because the climbing frame is big and high but to be honest it's not THAT great.
I think it's pricey £4.95 children Plus £1 per adult
It's loud and crowded.
There is fenced off area for under 5s with ride on cars, soft play and bouncy castle. 2hr time limit in peak time.
It's ok but don't go far out of your way.
I hear there is a good place called gambardo (sp?) near Watford but I haven't been there.

cornonthecob Thu 30-Dec-10 09:06:50

chipped yes sounds like it is!! grin great memory, as i'm sure when mine grow out of these places i will erase them from my memory quite promtly!!!

zipity loud and crowded is pretty the norm, so we expect it tbh and the fenced off area does sounds good! topsyturvey is about £7 peak time and there's an annual membership fee so this clown town is slightly cheaper and sounds bigger, worth a visit and do a tesco shop while there! i'll have a look for gambardo... we're in north london so all very accessible to us.

thanks ladies.

cornonthecob Thu 30-Dec-10 09:11:29

wow looks very impressive and a lot of fun!

SlightlyTubbyHali Thu 30-Dec-10 09:25:37

Definitely sounds like Clown Town, which is, IMHO, as close as you'll ever get to hell. It stinks and is filthy, but it is big at least.

There's also the smaller (but bigger than little dinosaurs) Kidzone in Wood Green . Worth a look if only because if you go off peak you get a free cup of tea and I've found it to be cleaner than horrid Clown Town.

You might want to drive up to Willows Farm. I can't imagine there's much outdoorsy stuff there but they have softplay including some big slides iirc. It's kind of expensive but you could make a day of it.

There's also TopsyTurvy World at Brent Cross which I have never been to but looks biggish.

cornonthecob Thu 30-Dec-10 09:38:33

thanks slightly will keep that in mind, i find pirate castle a bit like that and could never understand why people have parties there!! willows farm looks great for the spring! now leaning toward taking the kids to the gambado place as it does look good, bumper cars, bikes....

great ideas... thanks

onlyjuststillme Thu 30-Dec-10 09:44:17

Gambardos is BRILLIANT, adults get to have a play too the equipment is so big (Well the 1 in beckenham anyway)

cornonthecob Thu 30-Dec-10 10:05:48

well gamardos it is then!! thanks only grin

giveitago Sat 01-Jan-11 15:28:40

I know clown town (behind the tesco) - not a great place - dirty - overpriced. My ds four hates it even though it's quite big. I went about a year ago - things I didn't like were that ds got stuck so I had to go get him and the stuff you climb over isn't well padded and we both hurt ourselves - worse than that was that they'd changed their way of entering and leaving the place - nice gate so you can't get in without paying (fair enough) but the exit had moved to next to the payment kiosk - it was left open so any kid could walk out straight onto the industrial estate!

One at brent cross is better.

piprabbit Sat 01-Jan-11 15:44:20

I think there is a PartyMan World just opened off the A404 in the Wembley area
[ option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=60her e]]

Not been to Wembley, but have visited their Essex branches.

piprabbit Sat 01-Jan-11 15:45:20

I'll try the link again - sorry

PartyMan World

goingbacktowork Sat 01-Jan-11 22:50:57

anyine had a party at gambardos?

Elpis Wed 02-Feb-11 15:22:44

I went to Clown Town for the first time this morning with my 21mo DD. She thoroughly enjoyed herself Aesthetically, it leaves a lot to be desired, but the toilets were clean and it didn't smell.

The climbing area for under-5s is made of gym mat-type cushions and enclosed with netting. Some of the mats have been ripped and repaired, but we didn't mind that. Still, the ball park should have a softer base.

The baby area is rather pathetic.

Tip for non-drivers: the 43 and 134 buses stop right outside the Tesco and there's an unsigned shortcut to Clown Town that will save you a lot of time. Turn right just before you reach the Tesco doors, by a Costa Coffee sign, and follow the alley to the entrance.

I quite enjoyed chasing DD through the tunnels and up the logrolls, but I wouldn't have done it while heavily pregnant and she might have got stuck without me. (I mention this because there was a lot of progesterone about.)

Elpis Wed 02-Feb-11 15:25:31

Oh, and it wasn't too busy at 11am on a Wednesday. It would of course be ghastly on a rainy weekend.

Forgot to mention the bouncy castle, though tbh I still enjoy them more than DD does and I wasn't allowed on.

bubbles12 Wed 02-Feb-11 20:01:46

Gambardos in Watford is fun. Really big play equuipment, an area for under 3's (think its under 3's) a sensory baby area, bumper cars, area to eat etc.

Goingbacktowork - My DD has been to a party there and enjoyed it. They had an hour or so to play and then had a party lunch in a sectioned off area. As we were guests I have no idea of cost but my friend seemed happy enough with whatever she had to pay.

annmeeval Fri 03-Nov-17 06:39:05

me too have the same experience..i loved it..

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