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Graco Symbio travel system - experiences?

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edinburghmama2b Mon 27-Dec-10 22:10:15

So far I am drowning in the task that is choosing a suitable travel system. Like the look of this as you can switch the handle bar so baby can be rear or forward facing,also seems light weight and easy to steer/push. Anyone else had experience with it?

dana4nyc Tue 28-Dec-10 13:59:28

I have this travel system. My DD is 9 months old and it has been a good pushchair. I didn't use the pram for very long as my DD was very long and outgrew it quickly. The only problem I have with it now is the basket underneath the buggy is incredibly small and doesn't allow you to put much in there. Other than that, I'd reccomend it.

edinburghmama2b Tue 28-Dec-10 21:36:55


Woodlands Wed 29-Dec-10 12:21:17

that's weird, i typed a long reply to this last night but it has gone!

i have this and am very happy with it. we used the carrycot up to 4 months and then moved to the pushchair about 6 weeks ago. ds already seems to take up most of the pushchair already at 5.5 months, hope it is still big enough later on! thehandle switching thing is slightly pointless as it's hard to steer with the big wheels t the front and it's very easy to put any of the attachments on either way round. it is very nice and light and manoeuvrable, and narrower than competitors such as the quinny buzz. i like the car seat, it is bigger than normal so will last a bit longer (to 13kg), and we have the base fitted in our car so it is very easy to take in and out.

the only downsides are the small shopping basket, and also although it's light it is not very foldable and is quite bulky. It does fit happily into the boot of our fiesta though.

edinburghmama2b Wed 29-Dec-10 19:14:01

Thanks Woodlands, we have bought it today and I am very pleased with it!

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