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Help with naps after getting rid of the dummy

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Jennlx Tue 21-Dec-10 21:45:39

Okay, so the story is: DS was waking up a stupid amount of times during the night when his dummy fell out, so we decided to go cold turkey and got rid of it. We're not anti-dummy at all - but after he woke up ten times in one hour, it was the route we took. (In hindsight, perhaps he was waking due to teething anyway?) At first it was brilliant and he sleeps SO much better (deeper) without the dummy. We have still cracked the nighttime - he grizzles for a little bit and then we don't hear from him for another 12 hours. But the daytime naps have deteriorated. We never had a daytime nap routine but would go down happily enough with the dummy when he was sleepy (rubbing eyes etc.) Now, even when he's absolutely exhausted, he screams bloody murder as soon as I try to lie him down. I've even tried methods which would just create a prop to replace the dummy - he won't be rocked to sleep, he won't sleep in our bed, he won't play with toys in his cot, he won't be stroked, hushing, singing. I don't want to give him the dummy again - although he was happy to have it, he sleeps so much better without it (when he does get to sleep). Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated!!

mommmmyof2 Tue 21-Dec-10 22:42:26

How old is he? My children stopped napping in the day very early, in fact too early.It may be a coinsidence.But if he has been good at night coming off the dummy maybe starting a new comfort is not such a great idea as you have stopped one but creating another.Then you will eventually have to stop that at some point.
I no we will try anything when they are tired and we are tired and I have the same problem with my own children.But people say to me, leave them and eventually they will sleep if they are that tired.But it is hard and its weather you are a type of person who can leave him crying.One thing i am working on right now is being a little harder.
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, but like any young child just keep checking them to make sure they are ok.

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