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Dd coughing - should we visit or not?

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Acinonyx Tue 21-Dec-10 13:10:50

We are due to go to our neighbours' for dinner tomorrow evening with dd, 5. They have a 5 yr-old and a 3 mo-old. Dd has had a persistent cough with low-mod fever for 10 days. Went to drs yesterday and they say no chest infection. Should I suggest we postpone to another time?

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Dec-10 13:44:05

Personally I would, but otherwise I would discuss with your neighbours. She might be having a virus, and although she might have low grade fever, it might be a different story for another child. Also, not sure if it would be much fun for your dd if she is a bit under the weather.

AMumInScotland Tue 21-Dec-10 13:51:26

I think since they have a baby, I'd give them the info and let them consider rescheduling it - they might be fine about it (second children being expected to cope with germs!) or they might prefer not to have the baby catch something so near to Christmas.

thisisyesterday Tue 21-Dec-10 13:57:04

i would ask what they want to do. it isn't something that would have bothered me when mine were little. but it would be polite to ask them

orangepoo Tue 21-Dec-10 13:58:48

I probably wouldn't go because it is just so stressful when a baby is ill. What is not troubling a big strong 5yo too much might really be difficult for a baby to deal with.

Acinonyx Tue 21-Dec-10 14:08:45

I don't want to put the mum in the position of having to say no - I think I will suggest we postpone. I know some people would not be bothered and some would - I suspect my neighbour is more cautious.

Dd is not all that ill in herself and we are going a bit stir crazy at home. All social engagements for the last week have been cancelled either due to illness or snow. I think, rather selfishly, I was looking forward to seeing other human beings....

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