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Parental Control on Computers

(2 Posts)
0karen Mon 20-Dec-10 20:58:36

My daughters are aged 6 and I have never got round to putting parental control/adult filter onto any of my computers

Do any parents out there do not use parental controls?

As someone who came across pornography aged nine and not really effected by it, knowing that they might come across it elsewhere and by the age of 12 they will probably have the know how to get round it I wonder how effective it is

WingDad Mon 20-Dec-10 21:01:28

Well I personally don't think children aged six should have access to a computer without the physical presence of an adult in the room. So if they aren't being monitored, then I would strongly recommend parental controls.

The software is quite clever these days, and difficult to bypass.

Just get it, better be safe then sorry. It only takes about an hour to set up.

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