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What to do with toddler while putting baby for nap

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Gargula Mon 20-Dec-10 19:35:13

My 8 month old DD still needs me to go off for her naps (2 or 3 a day). It generally takes around 15 minutes.

Currently I'm sticking Cbeebies on for DS (3 years old) while I'm putting her up, but I'm not hugely happy about this. I think he watches too much TV and I really think it impacts on his behaviour. He's also asking for it ALL THE TIME and strops on when I turn it off.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep DS occupied, how do others do it?

MassiveKnobOfBrandyButter Mon 20-Dec-10 19:36:44

Just let him watch the tv it is only 15 mins and helps you out.

At a time when you can do other things with him, then keep him away from the tv with other interests.

Use the tv to your advantage smile

Jojay Mon 20-Dec-10 19:38:49

I used the TV at that stage, otherwise Ds1 would come to 'help' me.

It was the lesser of two evils, don't beat yourself up, it's not for ever smile

stickersarecurrency Mon 20-Dec-10 19:40:02

I'm with you Gargula. It's the constant asking that bugs me. It's like his favourite thing - how depressing is that?! DD will still nap downstairs but will soon have to go into the cot. I'm thinking perhaps a special toy that only comes out at naptime.

TheProvincialLady Mon 20-Dec-10 19:41:56

Yes, only let him watch tv during the nap settling period.

headfairy Mon 20-Dec-10 19:42:11

For me it was either Cbeebies or dd taking her nap in the pushchair while we were out. I couldn't find an alternative at all. Sometimes ds would play happily on his own. I would pile a load of building bricks in the middle of the playroom floor and tell him to build me a giant tower, but invariably that resulted in him shouting upstairs for me to come and help him.

nickytwotimes Mon 20-Dec-10 19:42:45

i agree that it is good use of tv time.

plus, once lo is asleep, it means you can spend time with the older one.

everyone wins!

BubbaAndBump Mon 20-Dec-10 20:04:22

I used to beat myself up about it too at the start, but tried other things (giving her things to do/books to read/games to play) but, like jajay's DC, my DD used to come and 'help' me. Make it clear to him beforehand that he can watch two programmes and then TV off so you two can play - often giving a choice of two things helps them forget the thing they want (or it works with my DDs anyway!!) grin

Gargula Mon 20-Dec-10 20:36:40

Thanks everyone. Perhaps I should let it go for now, after all it wont last forever. It's worrying that DS's favourite phrase now is "what's on next" though!!

It's also slightly annoying that DD only naps for 30 mins at a time as well, so I can't even really enjoy much quality time with DS as a payoff!

Ho hum.

lifeinagoldfishbowl Mon 20-Dec-10 20:38:36

I just leave my 2 year old downstairs to play with his toys.

tostaky Mon 20-Dec-10 21:14:55

we dont have a tv so DS1 just play with his toys or he reads books in the corridor or we go for a nap all together!

lagrandissima Mon 20-Dec-10 21:21:27

Used to leave Cbeebies on at that time. At one point DS1 (who had only had max 1hr of telly a day) was getting nearly 2 hrs of TV some days. Don't beat yourself up about it. He's now in reception, bright as a button (not that I'm biased) and not addicted to the TV. I think what you let them watch is as important as how much they watch - Cbeebies is generally fairly educational, has nothing offensive or frightening - I've found it has taught my 2 loads.

There are cbeebies podcasts, so you could download one of those and leave your toddler to listen to it and play with toys - but personally I felt that letting DS1 watch TV made it more certain that he wasn't setting fire to the curtains...

sneakapeak Wed 22-Dec-10 21:44:32

It's depressing isn't it. I have a 3.5 yr old and a 1 yr old.

DS NEVER watched any TV until DD came along when he was 2.5.

He is now glued to the TV all day blush.

DD has 2 naps so it's on then.

I then have meals to cook and very basic cleaning etc so it seems like all afternoon.

Now it's winter and snowing Im demented watching my 3.5 yr old getting no excercise, no proper stimulation then behaving badly (surprise surprise) later in the day.

I have no advice at all grin. Im just thinking Our babies will be bigger by summer and hopefully we can make up for it with lots of outdoor time. Thats my excuse anyway.

cece Wed 22-Dec-10 21:49:23

I think the issue is more that you are having to spend 15 mins getting your 8 month off to sleep. What happens if you just pop her in her cot and leave her? Sure there will be a bit of crying but then it goes quiet surely?

Gargula Wed 22-Dec-10 21:55:49

Hi, I very much doubt my son would play with his toys if he knew I was upstairs putting DD to nap. May give it a try when I'm feeling strong.
Sneakapeak - you are me. My son's behaviour has taken a nosedive recently and while I know the reasons why (no exercise, proper stimution blah de blah) it's difficult to see a way through it at the moment.
Cece - oh i know I should be working on the fact I still have to rock her to sleep. I have zero problem with people who control cry but it ain't for me. Did gradual withdrawal with DS when he was older and will do the same with DD when she's ready.

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