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Education/Family Support Worker Query

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AGlassHalfEmptyNoLonger Mon 20-Dec-10 17:19:24

Hi, am posting this both here and in Special Needs as I will hopefully get help from both areas.

My ds (8, almost 9) is dyspraxic, query Aspergers/HFA (has definite traits, awaiting CAHMS to assess). I am having ongoing monthly meetings with the SENCo, and one of the things she has set up is for me to have support via the Family/Education Support Worker. I had a phone call today and she is going to come out for an initial meeting with me at home on Wednesday afternoon (weather permitting).

What I want to know is:
What should/shouldn't I say?
What should/shouldn't I ask for?
What can/can't she ask me?
Any other tips or words of advice you have.

Many thanks in advance

(Have occasionally posted previously as LRB978)

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