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Bonding with 2 and half yr old daughter/Jealous of Granddad

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wasl102 Sun 19-Dec-10 04:27:57

I have a 2 and half yr old daughter with whom I came into her life when she was 2. She calls me daddy and we laugh/play but i can see that she is more closer to her grandparents than me especially her Granddad- she even calls him Dad which really annoys me. How do i bond with her more/ what can i do to strengthen the relationship between me and her. I am jealous of the fact that me and her are not as close as her and her granddad on her mothers side.

I understand obviously that its because the Granddad has played a much more active role in her life than I have but its disheartening to hear her call him Dad sometimes and seem to enjoy his company more than with me.

My daughter also doesnt live with me she spends 3 days a week if not more at her Grandparents house and when she is with me shes (understandably) constantly asking for mummy, nana, Granddad.

In any case what advice could anyone give in terms of activities to with a two and a half yr old girl for a father?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 19-Dec-10 04:37:58

Already replied here

While I understand you posting on different threads, you'll get more support this way.

I hope...

wasl102 Sun 19-Dec-10 04:53:35

I posted it here because I feel my question is more relevant to the subject of parenting than a behavioural/development one.

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 19-Dec-10 11:12:15

I think you need to give her time and in the meantime make the most of the time you DO have with her. She's still getting to know you and vice versa.

Going to the park together, playing games with her etc....

Make yourself an enjoyable part of her life and you will help the bonding process no end.

SkyBluePearl Sun 19-Dec-10 20:31:40

have you seen the thread on the playful parenting book? I think just getting down on the floor and playing/being very silly together is the best way to form closer bonds. Having fun and being daft is key. Its maybe not what you do but how you do things that matters. My child is 2.5 and enjoys painting people (cheap water colour paints from The Works), making playdoe cakes, helping me cook (washing up plastic plates, putting frozen peas in a pan etc ..), using a micro scooter to get about instead of walking, toddler groups, softplay, putting on wellies and wading into shallow streams, going to the cafe for cake and frothy milk, reading books together, getting me to draw strange alien creatures, helping with the household chores, singing a long to music CD's, making up our own silly songs, playing cars together and running them round the local crazy golf course, dressing up in fairy costumes and playing tents ...

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