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Newborn with a cold?

(12 Posts)
Laurtopsy Sun 19-Dec-10 03:54:09

DD1 (2.6) has a cold (sore throat, croaky voice, had a little temperature but was brought down with the Godsend that is Calpol and has not returned, a slight cough and a runny nose) and has given it to her newborn sister who is only 3 weeks old. So far DD2 doesn't appear to have a temperature and is generally just congested nasally, has a lot of mucus in the back of her throat which is coming up in her milk when she spits up and is more grumpy than usual.

I'm making sure to give DD2 more feeds than usual if she'll take them (she is bottle fed, 4oz every 3-4 hours), I've rolled up a hand towel underneath her moses basket mattress to elevate her slightly to ease her breathing and she's soiling her nappies, providing wet nappies and taking her feeds well.

Should I be worried? Like I said, DD2 has no signs of a temperature and DD1 is recovering well but since it's the weekend I can't get hold of the GP, HV or midwife for advice and I'm going on personal experience and a little Dr Google advice. Is it worth taking DD2 to the GP Monday morning if she still has the cold but no temperature since there's nothing they can give her and there's been a recent outbreak of swine flu? I don't want to put her more at risk of picking something else up while her immune system is fighting this cold.

Please help. It's almost 4am, I've has no sleep since I'm so worried and I feel like a first time mum.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 19-Dec-10 04:00:45

I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed, but as DD2 seems to have a cold, and (as you say) there's bugger-all that can be done about that, I think you just have to get through it. Don't take her to the Gp on Monday unless there are other problems.

Sorry again, I know it's hellish...

twofalls Sun 19-Dec-10 04:17:26

Try not to stress, there really is little in taking her to the drs. You can get a plugbin vapouriser which might help and nasal spray whichbasically makes them sneeze to clear their mose. It's horrible I know but there is little you can do. And there is no real cause for concern. Get some sleep while you can.

Laurtopsy Sun 19-Dec-10 04:17:29

I feared that, OLKN sad. It's horrible to see her uncomfortable and I know I'll be kicking myself in a few hours when DD1 wakes up and I have to ask DF to hold the fort while I take a few hours nap because DD2 has been asleep for at least an hour now. She's still very mucusy so I'm keeping an eye on her breathing and making sure she isn't sick in her sleep. I'm so paranoid with her. I was the same with DD1 but with her I had PND so I could understand my fears and acute anxiety. This time around I couldn't be happier with life in general but I'm still full of fear and anxiety for DD2's well-being! Is this normal? I know it could still be the hormones rushing around but I feel fine, just very anxiety ridden when it comes to DD2.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 19-Dec-10 04:20:27

It's totally normal to feel so freaked, please don't worry about that. Keep an eye on your DD (I know you will anyway!) but please, do try to relax a little. Twofalls has some practical ideas for the morning.

Laurtopsy Sun 19-Dec-10 04:43:29

Thank you twofalls. I've been reading up on vapour rubs, aspirators, saline nasal drops, humidifiers (or just running the shower with the door closed before a feed) and I've been doing the latter but since we're snowed in for the next two days at least I can't get to a chemist. I fear I may make DF walk to the nearest Boots (only a 10 minute walk away - I just can't be trusted in snow with a healing nether region and he won't want to do it in the snow) to buy an aspirator and saline drops. If it eases her congestion it's completely worth braving the cold and someone has to stay home with the DD's, right? wink

Sleep is looking unlikely this morning so will no doubt stay up MNetting until DD1 ventures out of her room around 6:30am. I'm trying not to worry and am just keeping an eye on DD2 without panicking but every time she coughs or has a little mucus in her throat my heart leaps. Poor DD2.

perfectstorm Sun 19-Dec-10 05:02:30

I remember that! Nothing worse than your newborn with a cold, I freaked as well, but don't take her to the GP - last thing you want is the family to come down with Norovirus, too. In fact my GP told me she'd come out if need be rather than my bring a tiny baby in to the surgery. But there never was any need.

She will be okay. Keep an eye out for any chestiness, but I'm sure all will be well.

OnEdge Sun 19-Dec-10 05:31:09

Laurtopsy I suffer with terrible Health Anxiety that now I am a Mum is focused on my children's health.

I have 3 DC, the youngest is 16 weeks. When she was a newborn, she had a cold. I tried hard not to freak too, but I was well out of my comfort zone.

The drops up the nose worked well. I used breast milk, but the saline ones have the same effect. I tilted the moses basket back, and dripped them in slowly whilst she was asleep, it worked really well.

I have a GP who is brilliant with kids. He told me that if they have an appetite (which your DD2 has) it is a really good sign.

Regarding her chest, he said to look at her breathing, and see if it was laboured, like she was struggling. Another way of introducing steam, is to boil a kettle in the room with the lid off so that it keeps boiling, just keep topping it up, you will get loads of steam like this.

It always feels worse in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. You might feel better in the morning when your DF is around to reassure you.

Good luck, even with my paranoia it sounds like she will be totally fine.

Laurtopsy Tue 21-Dec-10 01:11:11

How do you manage your anxiety, OnEdge?

winnybella Tue 21-Dec-10 01:19:37

It's just a cold. Saline spray (gentle one for babies better than drops) will help to keep her nose clean and mucus free.

She'll be fine in a few days smile

Get some sleep-the more tired you'll be, the more the anxiety will mess with your head.

winnybella Tue 21-Dec-10 01:21:06

Oh, and no need to take her to a doctor- unless she's got a temp or signs of chest infection like laboured breathing, bluish tinge around her mouth etc

OnEdge Wed 22-Dec-10 00:10:17

Laurtopsy I take Sertraline for the anxiety which is very good. I am fine most of time apart from when the kids get ill then I have a kind of meltdown. My Family and friends are all aware of how I feel so I can verbalise it to them. Its almost like a joke now. My 18 month old son had a temperature of 39.3 earlier and I became very anxious. It came right down with Calpol, but I will wake up every 2 hours ( I have set my alarm) and check him.

Until he is definately getting better I will be on red alert and it is exhausting. It will take me a day or two to recover because it will catch up with me. It is so bad that I have decided not to have any more kids because I can't keep going through this worry.

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