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DS2 is 8 months and im broody again...

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tostaky Thu 16-Dec-10 11:26:14

what do i do??? shock

we always wanted three but then decided to stopped at two.
now that i feel like DS2 is "sorted" i want to have a last baby.....
DS1 is just 2 so rationnally this is madness, and the flat is too small and my career will be definitively wrecked, and we would need a bigger car and i will no longer be able to leave my children to my parents for a cople of days at a time, and chilcare costs are going to be outrageous....and im on my own every evenings for the bedtime routine....

Should i just blank out theideaof a third baby.... or would DP getting a new better paid job be a good reson to start trying again???

bessyboop Thu 16-Dec-10 11:32:14

Are you me tostaky? grin
I'm thinking about having our third child, and my dd2 is only 16 weeks! shock

Only you know if you can afford it, i.e. buy a bigger car, childcare costs etc, and I'm sure bedtime would be a challenge.

I'll be watching this thread!

APixieInMyTea Thu 16-Dec-10 17:04:41

Mmm, I feel the same.

Ds1 is 20months, ds2 is 13 weeks and already thinking of a 3rd.

Dp not so on board with it though and was going to get the snip, I persuaded him not to by getting the 3yr contraceptive implant in.

So I'm going on a 2yr timescale. Move to a bigger place, save enough to buy a bigger car (I have dss too) and then show dp it will be ok to have another baby.

I'd like to have one sooner but realistically 2yrs is about right for us I think.

Is this something you can do? Move to a bigger place, get a bigger car, maybe lose one income if you decide to be a SAHM before trying for a 3rd?

Firawla Thu 16-Dec-10 21:24:54

I would speak to your dh about it, I don't think any of those reasons are strong enough to totally rule this out if you have a doubt that you want a 3rd, especially as you say you always wanted three. if its what you want, you would be able to make it work. things like small flat can be worked around, children share rooms etc. Im expecting my 3rd now, and have a 2 yr old and a just turned 1 yr old (1 today actually), and we are in a flat, so they will have to share rooms, we dont have a car at all (cant even drive blush ) but sometimes the feeling that you want another one is stronger than the practicalities. I guess the career thing is more of a difficult one maybe, but discuss it with your dh, if you really do want another one then you owe it to yourself to give it proper consideration rather than just right it off and regret it in the future?

Robbiesrealwife Thu 16-Dec-10 22:03:37

Interested to know if you want a third to have a daughter? A different gender perhaps?

bessie26 Thu 16-Dec-10 22:48:28

haha - #2 isn't due until April & I still find myself thinking about how nice 3 would be! grin

when/how did you decide to stop at 2? Have the things that made you decide to stop changed?

APixieInMyTea Thu 16-Dec-10 22:52:18

I think firawla puts it so much better.

Things can be worked around if you really want to and if you really do want a 3rd then don't just write it off just now.

robbiesrealwife I'm obviously not the op but I have 2 boys and want a 3rd child. I really couldn't care less what gender that child will be. I've just always wanted 3 children.

tostaky Sun 19-Dec-10 21:37:23

Well DP wants a 3rd one, so it is my call really... Im too much of a worrier maybe...
I find it is such a huge decision whereas for the first and second child it was never a big headache, we just decided to have children and got on with it.

and no robbie, i dont want a girl specifically.. i would be happy with 3 boys or with a little girl.

pigleychez Sun 19-Dec-10 22:15:33

Oh, Im the same!

DD1 is 2.4 years and DD2 is 7mths. I too have started feeling broody again!

Logistically I know its crazy talk but I cant image not having another baby. DH hasnt ruled it out but wants a bigger gap this time. I can see his point of view and thinking but it doesnt help the feelings now.

I wouldnt be going for a boy this time, just another scrummy little baby

NellyTheElephant Sun 19-Dec-10 22:32:34

I just replied to your career thread (yes, mine was wrecked!).....

I felt broody the minute that I held DD2 in my arms!! I loved her to bits and just knew that I would want to do it all again. We were terribly grown up about it though and waited the 'standard' amount of time, I kept wondering whether the feeling would go away. It didn't. Almost exactly 2 yrs later we had DS.

I really thought that I would want no. 4 (to the extent that when I was going in for 3rd c-section I had long chat with surgeon about it and post op chat about whether safe to have 4th), but by the time DS was a few weeks old I just knew that that was that and I couldn't face having another one, I don't know why (well - 3 was BLOODY HARD WORK, maybe that had something to do with it......!).

I think if you are feeling broody 8 months on, the feeling will probably continue until no.3 arrives.......

EsmeWeatherwax Sun 19-Dec-10 22:51:06

Oh, see, this thread is so bad for me. I'm dying for a third, but dh is fairly opposed, for all the above reasons, our house is too wee, as are both our cars, I'm already a SAHM, so no career to speak of anyway. Having said that, many of our neighbours in the same size house, have three and even four kids, (its really easy to convert the lofts here) so you never know. Time is running out for me though, very late 30's!

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