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Dreading Monday

(4 Posts)
tinky19 Sat 11-Dec-10 23:06:20

I'm starting back at work. 3 days a week leaving my DS with DH and GPs. I know he'll be safe, happy etc etc but I'm absolutely dreading it. sad
so sad. He's 8mo and have just loved being at home with him. I'm terrified of missing out on his development and childhood.

llareggub Sat 11-Dec-10 23:09:47

It'll be fine. You'll be home more than you are away and your DS will develop a fantastic relationship with his other family members. I'm always very happy to see how close my DSs are to their grandparents, who look after them while I am at work.

I do miss them when I am at work, but I also enjoy having some time to myself to go the loo alone, enjoy hot cups of coffee and meet up with friends for lunch. Of course, I do get a bit of work done too...

Honestly, it will be fine. Give it a few months to get the hang of the new routine and get a new balance in your life. There is nothing better than seeing your child's face greet you when you return, too.

tinky19 Sat 11-Dec-10 23:59:27

Thank you llareggub. I just feel lost without him. I also feel (and I know IABU)resentful to my family for getting all this extra time with him. I'm having sleepless nights over missing his first words/ steps/ etc.

llareggub Sun 12-Dec-10 10:43:23

Good luck!

I told my in-laws to keep first steps etc to themselves, and not tell me about it, so that I could experience first steps for myself.

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