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Sledging. What age?

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nextchapter Mon 06-Dec-10 23:13:50

I really want to take the kids sledging in all this lovely snow. I am just wondering what age you think is old enough to go, my DS1 is 6, DS2 is 3 as is DD1 and i have a baby DS who is 8 months, who obviously won't be coming.

ANy advice would be lovely!

exexpat Mon 06-Dec-10 23:19:35

DD was sledging from around 2, I think, so I'd say your three year olds would be fine as long as it's not too steep a slope and you watch out for things they could crash into at the bottom. Even the 8-month-old might enjoy being pulled along on the flat if warmly wrapped up...

GrimmaTheNome Mon 06-Dec-10 23:21:31

There's sledging and sledging - you can pull toddlers along on the flat or push down shallow safe slopes.

Simic Tue 07-Dec-10 08:47:28

I took my 12 month old last year - we have a sort of "cage" thing that you fix onto the back of the sledge so they can sit in it like an arm chair. DD (then 4) sat in front of him so he couldn't fall forward and I pulled them along on the flat. Going downhill dd got to go alone but DS (12 months) went down gentle slopes with his dad (holding on to him tight)! This year he is nearly two and last week he went down a gentle slope with cage behind him, sister in front of him and me running along side. He loved it!

Simic Tue 07-Dec-10 08:53:00

By the way, re: your 3 year olds, our nursery takes the whole group (3years to 5 years) out sledging on a gentle slope. They tend to send the little ones on a sledge with an older one, but it works a treat.

MmeLindt Tue 07-Dec-10 08:56:08

Find a gentle slope with no obstacles (trees, fences etc) and you can take even the little one.

I have often seen people out with really small children, on baby sledges wrapped up warm. Even saw a group of cross country skiers out last year with a baby in a sledge.

MmeLindt Tue 07-Dec-10 09:00:11

Baby sledge

You can buy plastic ones too.

abeautifulbutterfly Tue 07-Dec-10 09:03:36

My DD2 started at 7 mths (on the flat with DD1 aged 2 pulling!) [pushy mother emoticon] grin Go for it!

Simic Tue 07-Dec-10 09:04:10

What MmeLindt refers to is exactly what I meant by the "cage"!

Bumpsadaisie Tue 07-Dec-10 09:11:14

I must be a bad mother because DD (18 mths) and I have been whizzing down the steep field next to our house for a week!

One hand on the sledge and one on her!

Bumpsadaisie Tue 07-Dec-10 09:13:21

PS Thinks the key is they have to be VERY warm - DD has down snow suit, fleece booties, wellies, fleece hat and mountaineering style mittens!

MmeLindt Tue 07-Dec-10 09:18:18

I know that DD was sledging on a tea tray from a very young age.

Agree that warmth is very important. For the littlest ones, snowsuit and cosytoes on sledge.

Not to long then back to house for a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Simic Tue 07-Dec-10 09:30:11

That's the only problem we've had: little one is ready to go home (cold despite clothing which looks like he's going up Everest) while older one is having a great time and wants to stay longer (despite having taken off hat, scarf, gloves and still complaining she's too hot)! Try it out - then you can still decide to have some sledging trips without the little one around...

nextchapter Tue 07-Dec-10 21:58:39

Think we'll all go then! DD is a daredevil and will be fine with DS1, DS2 a little more wimpy but sure he'll get into it!

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