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we have an appt to complain to DN's school. Advice needed!

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mamateur Mon 06-Dec-10 11:39:55

We took over DN's care a few months ago at the start of term. He now lives with us permanently (no parents).

He has had no homework at all (apparently hmm) since the start of term, his planner is empty, and he says noone uses it, the teacher never looks at it etc.

If they don't do a homework they get a detention. But we never hear about this, unless then don't attend that detention, in which case we do get a call sometimes, to tell us they have a 'bigger' detention.

So basically, DN goes off to school and comes home again, but we have only his word for what goes on. He gets all his treats, computer time, favourite puds, cinema trips, because we have no reason to withhold them.

HOwever, DN is incredibly lazy and has always had a very bad attitude in class (reports from this and his previous school) and I just don't believe he's decided to knuckle down and behave himself. Much as I'd like to!

I left many messages and finally they have given us an appt. (without DN).

We're going to ask them to keep his planner up to date (it was much vaunted when we had our introductory meeting) or to have regular emails informing us of his progress and behaviour.

This is our only school option. It has an ofsted outstanding but I'm beginning to wonder how and why.

ragged Mon 06-Dec-10 18:38:11

School fills in the right paperwork, doesn't matter much what they do in reality. Just as long as they have a pretty papertrail for Ofsted to look at.

Sorry that's not much help, you have a lot of things to clarify!

My DS pretends to never have any homework (sigh).

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