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How to explain miscarriage to 28mo?

(4 Posts)
esbeB Sat 04-Dec-10 13:04:59

Miscarriage 10 days ago, away from home, enough said.

Had talked to toddler in general terms about possibility of having sibling and how nice it would be. Subsequently he had lots of 'baby' chat with cleaning lady!

Last night, he unusually had difficulty getting to sleep, and at one point DH sure he said 'baby gone, baby gone'.

Would really like to talk to him about this. Think he will always be wanting a baby now. Don't want to make him sad, or fixated.

Anyone have suggestions as to words to use, or anywhere on internet can go for more ideas, please?

homeboys Sat 04-Dec-10 14:12:34

Message withdrawn

esbeB Sun 05-Dec-10 00:00:58

Thank you. Good advice.

hellymelly Sun 05-Dec-10 00:18:05

I agree with homeboys that it is upsetting for you,whereas she won't understand it,but I also think that small children have a real sensitivity to sadness in a parent and it can make them anxious and upset.If this had happened to me I would have tried to explain gently why I was sad in a way that would make sense to my child. My eldest dd was 19m old when I got pregnant again,and she said "there's a baby in your tummy Mummy,and its a girl" when I was literally three or four weeks pregnant,and I hadn't told her anything (she was a v early talker).
You know your child and how sensitive she is to your moods and also how much she does or doesn't take in yet,so I would completely go by what you think she can understand.
I am also very sorry that you've had a miscarriage,it must be hard greiving whilst trying to be a normal Mummy to your daughter.

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