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close in age sibling arguing lots and lots and lots,,,,!!

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linconlass Thu 02-Dec-10 14:14:10

We have children dd and ds 20 months apart.I expect some arguing but not this much - its snap at each other and snide remarks and then expolsion !! dd who is 12 just explodes wereas ds gets upset.
Last night dd just roared loudly at ds to let off steam and anger -it was so loud then she stomped out of room.She gets really angry - she sometimes bites her pillow to stop herself but if in room with family cannot do same.!!
I wonder if they have grown apart- have never done things together unless we encorage {and its quite difficult to enc them to do family things at the mo especilly as if they get wind of fact we try to get em together - -)!!
total opposite intresets - wonder if rather than let them have own space try to get them to have more time together as family or just the two of em to watch a film etc - to bond more - any ideas re this and how to set limits on the shouting - do i let them get it out ?- it seems to escalate - have tried ignoring - or intervene.?
I cant threaten to stop the very thing sthey both love to do as they are both v sporty and we have commitment to it and i wdnt stop sport- neither do i want to send to room as try to make bedrooms their special place to read at night etc...any advice be so welcome- cant take away phones - neither that intrested.maybe a tv prog...?.ps dd nor ds in puberty yet i dont think but dd does need to use deodrant now and i wonder if its hormones and if so what do to keep peaceful ish house alongside allowing for this !!!

ItsJustMyOpinion Thu 02-Dec-10 14:19:51

You poor thing. I sympathise with you. My older brothers are twins, and they have always argued and bickered over rediculous things, even now they have fallen out over something silly, and they are in their 30s.

I would imagine that they are just at that adolescence stage and their hormones are raging.

Sorry, probably not helpfull.

MrsTedHughes Thu 02-Dec-10 14:22:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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