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Bloody snow. Is anyone else getting cabin fever?

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Honeybee79 Thu 02-Dec-10 10:46:39


God, I hate this snow business. DS is 7 weeks old and I normally take him out every day, even if it's just for a 30 minute walk round the park. It keeps me sane and the fresh air is good for both of us. But it's like an ice rink round here and I don't want to risk it. Have watched so much crap TV, done dull housework, read a novel . . . but just want to get back to normal after two days stuck in the bloody flat.

Is anyone else stuck at home and getting increasingly irritated?

maltesers Thu 02-Dec-10 10:55:18

Hi Honeybee79. . .where are you living ?
I live in Salisbury wilts and we hav only just got the snow today.
I am in the centre of town and was stuck in yesterday as my youngest 10 yrs old DS was off sick. He vomited on Tuesday night . . but luckily perked up yesterday and so fit today for school. . . .thank god !.smile
Snow here only bout 3 inches so i am off to the gym to burn a few flabby calories.
Know what its like stuck in, drives you mad eh ? Still, nothing stays the same forever.
What about putting baby in sling with blanket and wearing your best heavy treads boots take a small walk in the snow. Just to get some fresh air and get legs moving.
Make sure baby is well wrapped up with warm hat, hood, mitts, and face covered up away from cold wind and cold temp. . .
Judge trip out as to how baby looks and feels. . .
Or, stay in and keep warm.
i am stuck at home this week without my dp who is now working in Brighton and may not get back this weekend , so i am pretty pissed off too TBH.sad
Keep posting to prevent insanity . . .xx grin

maltesers Thu 02-Dec-10 10:56:25

Hey , how about a keep fit DVD ??

Honeybee79 Thu 02-Dec-10 11:43:55

Was considering going out with DS in sling but it is so icey as nothing has been gritted. I'm sure it will clear in a few days. Maybe I should make the most of the enforces laziness and just sit on the sofa under a blanket with DS with some chocolate.

Hmmm, I do have a fitness DVD but am still being a bit cautious as recovering from C-section. Might give it a go though!

schroedingersdodo Thu 02-Dec-10 17:09:04

Me! Stuck at home for 3 days with a very active 7 mo...

maltesers Thu 02-Dec-10 17:32:49

DS 10 yrs back from school now. . .thank god i got to the Gym and worked out then i had nice swim in the heated pool. On a glass of mulled wine now !!

Dexterrocks Thu 02-Dec-10 17:33:23

Stuck at home for 8 days now due to snow and going berserk!
The only touch of sanity is people who work locally wading through thing deep snow to drop their kids with me while they then wade to work (health care needs continue to exist whatever the weather.)
I was fine until today. I have been up since 1.30am with a restless 6 year old. I normally cope with sleepless nights by keeping really busy the next day, getting out and about.
I am still really busy but it is boring stuff like dishes, cleaning, ironing, continual child care requests etc. The kids have company so they don't want mine, just for me to facilitate their activities.
DH is even in the house but working from home so I can only pop in on him occasionally.
The snow is beautiful but I need to be out in it at least, not trapped inside!
OP I feel your pain but it will pass and with the run up to Christmas, before I know it I will be longing for a day at home!

maltesers Thu 02-Dec-10 17:34:19

yes, dont go out and slip in ice. Its getting very icy here with wet pavements and roads turning to ice. . so slippery . Last year i slipped over and cut my knee, so now i am so scared of slipping. . .

BangingNoise Thu 02-Dec-10 17:34:56

I've only been in today and I can't wait to go out. In fact, I am, as soon as DH gets back from work with the car.

maltesers Thu 02-Dec-10 17:51:00

Honeybee79. . .yes take it a bit easy then, as only 7 weeks after Csection. Just do some gentle moves if following a DVD and leave out the Abs , just do pelvic floor exercises instead. Know what am talking about , hav been a fitness instructor for 14 yrs. . !

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