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AD dilemma - stick or twist?

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natsyloo Wed 01-Dec-10 19:12:41

I have a 4 month old ds and have been taking ADs (sertraline) since wk 8 for PND.

I'm trying to be proactive as poss in treating myself (though patience isn't one of my strong points) and had an assessment for CBT, was told I'll be a priority case then got a lame letter about a minimum wait of 16 wks.

I've noticed a marginal improvement with sertraline (ie no major panic attacks or insomnia) but am still having low moods,feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility & detachment from DS as well as constant analysis of my mood, despite upping the dosage. Just wondered if this is to be expected or whether it's worth gambling changing my AD. I've BFd for 4 months (hence taking sertraline) but am now bottle feeding as was exhausted and DS was dipping on the weight chart.

I have a pretty busy schedule of activity with classes for DS and I genuinely feel better when I am out and about but I don't feel as if I've turned a major corner yet. Is it just worth hanging in there and trying to stay positive (and patient!) or would it be worth trialling another AD?

As you can see decision making isn't a forte especially with this lousy PND!

jmc112 Wed 01-Dec-10 21:07:07

It sounds like something you should talk to your dr about? FWIW, stopping Bfing will probably change your hormones etc so I'd give it a couple of weeks for that to settle down before trying something new.

HuckingFell Wed 01-Dec-10 21:49:33

what dose are yo on? I didn't really feel a difference until 100mg.

other ones might make a difference - loads more available to you now you have stopped bf.

I find having a routine helps.

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