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my son cant cope with school please help me

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cheeryface Thu 25-Nov-10 17:03:52

my ds2 11 has gone to high school this time and its a disaster.

he started off reasonably keen and then became increasing unhappy with it.
he had trouble with another boy who seemed to be always calling him names and such like, i have been in contact with the school who think that its now sorted out but although sometimes they talk to each other more often than not this boy has said some really nasty things, likie 'your mother should never have given birth to you etc.
myself and the school are concerned that he isnt making any effort in his lessons , i went in to see the teacher who said they are going to observe him in classes.

teacher phoned today to say the general findings are that hes just not focused in his lessons...not very helpful.
also told me that ds had been given detention for swearing, which really shocked me as that is just NOT ds.

when he got home tonight he was in tears , sobbing, he said it was another boy that had sworn. actually i think i believe him. also he says hes doing his best.
he says he hates the other kids they are hard to deal with , always winding him up , he says the work is difficult and he just hates the place.

i dont know what to do. i NEVER had the slightest complaint from any of his teachers at primary and to find out that in some lessons hes sat and done nothing , i am gobsmacked.

basically i think its just all too rough for him but i am inclined to think that any high school around here will be the same. i just dont think he can cope with it.

we are both upset and i just dont know what to do sad

cat64 Thu 25-Nov-10 17:14:02

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Thu 25-Nov-10 17:20:19

Message withdrawn

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