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Playdates at home with 2 dc

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SGertie Tue 23-Nov-10 22:24:12

Ds is 6.5, dd is 4. When ds has a friend over dd wants to play with the big boys, but they usually don't want to play with her so she gets very upset.
I can see both sides of the argument and don't know how best to handle it. She doesn't want to play with me if there are bigger kids around and I can't always plan to have one of her little friends round at the same time
What do other mums of preschool and school aged dc do?

fruitful Wed 24-Nov-10 18:11:07

Mine are 8, 5, and 2. I organise it so the older 2 have a friend at the same time. And then ds2 spends the whole time wailing ...

Sometimes it works to do something special with ds2, like make a cake. Although that usually brings the other 4 down to join in, which wasn't what I had planned.

Some of the friends are really good about letting ds2 join in, they get invited around most!

lechatnoir Wed 24-Nov-10 20:53:58

Definitely 2 friends at the same time or when your DS has a friend over maybe try & wangle an invite for dd at someone else's house (or vica versa)

If all else fails offer her a really girlie film (so the boys won't be interested wink & popcorn and snuggle up together on the sofa to at least give the older ones an hour or so alone.

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