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Lack of physical exercise at nursery causing sleep issues

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TheLemur Mon 22-Nov-10 16:42:47

DS 3.3 often gets 'over-tired' and can't settle down to sleep at night time, and I've noticed it's really bad when he's had little or no physical exercise. Infact, it all seemed to start when the clocks went back and it got colder and he's spending less time outdoors. I run him round at the weekend and put him to bed early to catch up on sleep, but by the end of the next nursery week he's up til 9 - 10pm

I'm going to mention it to nursery to see if they've any suggestions but because they've got a limited size garden, plus it's cold, I don't see that there's a lot can be done.

I walked him to feed the ducks before nursery this morning but I don't think that's really a long term strategy!

I am tempted to buy a trampoline but am not sure how much use it will get over winter (plus it's money, space in garden etc)

Are all 3 year old boys like this and is there any solution I am missing? I can't really run him round after nursery as it's 6pm and time for bath/bed.

nonanny Mon 22-Nov-10 21:37:19

I would definitely check with the nursery whether they are doing indoor exercise such as dance, cheerleading or yoga. There is an excellent thing started up nationally I think called 'Yogabugs'.
Swimming might be a good thing for him?

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