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Living in an extended family.

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LetThereBeRock Mon 22-Nov-10 14:02:54

I accidentally posted this in chat,but had intended to post it here.

I grew up in an extended family,and was wondering if anyone else also grew up in that situation,or if your children are.

My mother,father and I moved in with my grandmother when I was about 4. My uncle also moved back in later,and was with us for about 10 years.

Another uncle's partner and her firstborn moved with my mother,father and I for 3 years.,when I was 1-4.
She was quite a young mother at the time,and it seemed to work out well for all concerned.

I don't have children yet,but I'd like them to grow up within an extended family.

I realise it won't work for everyone,but I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences of this,and if you've had no experience of it, is it something you'd ever consider?

mumblechum Mon 22-Nov-10 14:04:58

It would drive me doolally, personally, I have v v little in common with my family and nothing with dh's mum.

It's bad enough when my parents come for the weekend and they want to watch trash TV 24/7, in between telling me which Doris or Betty has died that week grin. Living with it year round would be my idea of hell

linconlass Mon 22-Nov-10 14:55:29

I lived in extended family home - i loved it always someone to talk to but you could get space as well - fon d memeories!!

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