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HELP my 4mth old wont settle with anyone but me!

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ElleAndBump Sat 20-Nov-10 14:07:03

my oh is feeling a bit put out as our 4mth old dd just cries when ever hes with her, it is like a switch as soon as he passes her to me she atomatically stops! he works fulltime 6days week 9 til 6 so he doesnt get to see her for v.long in the evenings, but he trys to invovle himself with alot of things, ie bath time,,gets up and feeds her in night,plays/sings with her but she doesnt seem to settle with anyone but me! and im going out tonite, and hes worried about been left alone with her as she screamed so much last night she made her self sick, and he doesnt like seeing her get into that state, we have seemed to try evrything by me taking step back and him putting her to bed or taking her out on his own but she just always ends up needing me to settle her and its drainig for me too and i feel for him as he thinks she doesnt like him, but i said shes just a baby and doesnt mean it, but i think i would feel abit helpless too if she never wanted me. anyone else gone through same thing and suggestions to overcome this would be helpful

Igglybuff Sat 20-Nov-10 19:43:44

This is normal for babies of this age. My DS did this.

Give your baby plenty of reassurance, don't force them to cry with your DH. It's just a phase and will get better soon.

DS used to cry when people came round, people he knew, he'd get upset if they tried to play with him and if I left. So I used to let him sit on my lap, watch people and he relaxed and was fine at being passed over. You could try the same - a few mins with you and DH there, then give to DH. If crying, take back reassure and try later.

Your DH shouldn't take it personally and I promise it'll change soon. It'll probably happen again and someday it'll probably be the other way around!

ElleAndBump Sun 21-Nov-10 17:26:36

thank u will try that im sure she will be a daddy's girl like you say before i know it

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