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4week old projectile vomit. Advice please.

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NoTeaForMe Thu 18-Nov-10 18:25:42


My baby drank her bottle of milk and was then projectile sick. She wasn't happy for the few seconds after and needed to catch her breath but after that was ok. Think it upset me more! Anyway, should I give her more milk now as she had thrown the rest up or should I wait? I'm presuming it's a normal baby thing up do rather than she is ill? She has had a funny couple of days could it all be trapped wind?


Doobies Thu 18-Nov-10 20:08:14

Sounds normal to me. Ds pv for the first six weeks on and off, he was suffering from reflux. He still throws up occasionally after a breastfeeding but he is much better now.

See your gp if she pv three feeds in a row.

ValiumSingleton Thu 18-Nov-10 20:09:13

Alarming but normal! I remember my dc1 doing this in a rented holiday cottage at about 5 wks. Stressful!!

JazzieJeff Thu 18-Nov-10 20:14:59

Hi OP, DS has done this every so often from when he was 7 days old, he's now 5weeks. As long as it's not happening every feed and she's not upset by it, I wouldn't stress. You could mention it to you hv if it's playing on your mind.

As for feeding again; if she's looking for it, give it but when it happens here, DS often falls asleep and effectively skips that feed, maybe wants to be fed an hour sooner than normal but that's it.

It's often trapped wind under the milk iyswim. It's extreme, but if there's a wedge of air under the milk, it often just pushes it all back out the way it came.., think about when you drink a coke too fast and get that lump in your throat! They just keep drinking on top of that though! It is frightening when it happens.

Just one thing though, if it keeps happening, perhaps try switching formula. It happened much worse for us with Aptimil. I think it was too rich for him. It's much less extreme when it happens now.

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