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Toddler scared of open fire

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southpacificfish Tue 16-Nov-10 17:08:42

Does anyone have (or has had in the past) a toddler that is unreasonably scared of the open fire? My daughter screams hysterically and won't stay in the same room as one when it is being lit or after it is alight.She is just 2 years old and this is first winter she has voiced an opinion after being fine as a baby with it.

I have talked to her about why or what she is scared of and she says it is the popping noise of the wood. However, at my parent's house today, they turned their electric mock open fire on and she screamed at that although there was no noise.

It is driving me a little crazy because there are many friends and relatives who we visit that are likely to have fires lit the further into winter we get and I would like to help my daughter get over this problem.

Advice please!! I am almost at the stage of lighting the flipping fire during the day and just getting on with things until she stops screaming!

piprabbit Tue 16-Nov-10 21:23:57

Can you show her the fireguard and talk her through what it does and how it will keep her safe?
She might feel the heat and hear the noise and not understand that she is safe.
TBH it's probably a good thing that she's wary of fire.

southpacificfish Wed 17-Nov-10 09:38:33

Absolutely a good thing that she's wary of fire, couldn't agree with you more! We have talked about the fireguard but I will talk to her about it again. It was just so strange that she became completely hysterical when we lit one after she has been in the same room with loads of fires since she was born. I have a feeling you may be right about the heat thing (I already know she doesn't like the noise) as she is a very warm child and might not like being too hot. Thanks for the post.

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