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Be good or you won't get any Christmas presents. Father Christmas can see you, you know.

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WinkyWinkola Sun 14-Nov-10 16:50:48

But has anyone ever not given their dcs Christmas presents as a result of their not behaving?

Dh keeps saying this to ds1 and I can just see ds1 thinking, "As if. I'll be getting presents."

Pointless really unless we did it and how mean would that be?

sarah293 Sun 14-Nov-10 16:55:12

Message withdrawn

MadameSin Sun 14-Nov-10 17:03:11

I Would never threaten with something I would/could not carry through. My friends husband 'cancelled' xmas when their son (aged 11) deleted nearly all the working files on his class computer. He literally took it all back for a refund. Child (and mother) were mortified, but he never stepped out of line again, especially during December grin

onceamai Mon 15-Nov-10 01:04:55

Presents is pushing it a bit too far. May be no crackers, or no pantomime trip, but not the presents.

Itsjustafleshwound Mon 15-Nov-10 01:07:18

It worked for my parents - it was the only day that we didn't give our minder any trouble as mum and dad were off to visit FC .... I am quite ashamed that it worked for as long as it did ... !!

FairyArmadillo Mon 15-Nov-10 01:22:45

No presents at all on Christmas Day is mean (if you can afford presents and actually celebrate Christmas).

Ex's sister got no presents and a lump of coal in her stocking for breaking milk bottles one Christmas. No warning, just that, while other kids got presents. I thought that was an awful thing to do to a 5/6 year old!

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