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really need advice!

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andiera Sat 13-Nov-10 11:51:15

I'm sure i dont need to go into all the details of my current court case because im sure there's loads of you that have read my story before about violent alcoholic ex etc etc failed drunk and drug tests etc etc (boring boring boring I hear some of you think!). but I am in an awful state over the fact that yesterday cafcass where supposed to have made a report for the courts but i have never met with a cafcass officer neither has my son and as far as im aware neither has my ex :s so can a report be made? also does anyone know if a risk assessment that clearly has been mislead and proven false still be used in court? will be really thankful for all the feedback.
thank you

SMummyS Sat 13-Nov-10 13:54:24

Ive replied to you in the lone parents forum for you

andiera Sun 14-Nov-10 15:31:07

I did c thanku 4 your help x

andiera Sun 14-Nov-10 15:31:08

I did c thanku 4 your help x

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