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Which DC go in which room?

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milliemuffin Mon 08-Nov-10 16:10:03

I have a 3yo DS and a 1yo DD and we are expecting our 3rd next year. If we are able to find out at the scan what we're having then we want to get the bedroom's ready in advance.


Room 1 = DD's Nursery

Room 2 = DS's room, big enough for 2.

If DC3 turns out to be a girl, should I
a) move DD in with DS and let DD2 have the nursery?
b) move DS into the nursery and turn it into a little boys room and let the girls share the big room?

If DC3 is a boy does he get the nursery or go straight in with DS (after 6 months of being in with us)?

Any advice would be much appreciated, it's a long way off I know but if I'm to move rooms around I want to do it before baby arrives.

milliemuffin Tue 09-Nov-10 10:51:58


321sanitygone Tue 09-Nov-10 14:23:00

I think some of it has to be down to age and schedule. DS is 3 so is he at pre-school and in any sort of a routine?
I have a 5 yr old and an 8 month old currently they have their own rooms but we are looknig at having baby number 3 soon. Now 8 month old sleeps right through the night so i know he can share with 5 yr old without any disruption to him. If he ddnt sleep through there is no way i would put them in together because my 5 yr old ahs to get a good nights sleep ready for school the enxtday so i would more than likely have the younger 2 in together as they can always catch up with an afternoon nap. Once all children are sleeping throguh the night i would give the biggest room to the two of the same sex to share and the smallest to the other child.

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