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Natural/organic mattresses - a bit of a con?!

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Wintersnow Fri 05-Nov-10 18:43:52

DS3 is due next month and we're looking to find him a mattress for his moses basket. Since DS2 was a baby there are these new 'organic' mattresses made out of mohair, coir, etc.. They are pretty expensive, does anyone know more about them? All I can find is info from teh actual shops who are trying to sell them to me! smile

Needaname Sun 07-Nov-10 21:23:37

We've had one for DD and just ordered another for the crib for next DC. We combine it with a natural wool waterproof cover and it makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that where she spends more than half her life is breathable and not covered in plastic and hasn't got any chemicals in it.

No idea whether it's a con but it gives me peace of mind!

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