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Foam corner pads - how can you stick them on without damaging wood?

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Julia11841 Tue 02-Nov-10 22:10:31


Innane topic, apologies (!) but we're baby-proofing our lounge and I ordered loads of foam pads for the corners of tables etc. They come with little adhesive 3M stickies that seem to be made of superglue, and a disclaimer note stating that the company cannot guarantee that surface damage will not occur.

We have really lovely varnished wood furniture which I am determined not to spoil.
We've tried BluTac and masking tape but DD pulls them off in a second.

Any suggestions?


sparkle1977 Wed 03-Nov-10 10:27:49

No real advice on how to use these as we did not baby-proof our house to this extent, I really don't think this kind of thing is strictly necessary. Children will knock into things and learn from it, you just keep an eye and warn them when they get close to sharp edges etc.

Octaviapink Thu 04-Nov-10 08:39:20

Not necessary in the least! Babies and toddlers bang their heads all the time and they're fine.

Preggersplayspop Thu 04-Nov-10 08:42:37

I wouldn't bother personally.

Guacamole Thu 04-Nov-10 08:47:42

My in laws have been lecturing me on the use of foam corners, socket covers, stair gates, cupboard locks, fire guards, door slammy things etc...
I have stair gates, but I think everything else I will play by ear... I think even with all the baby proofing in the world you are still going to get bumps and bruises.
Having said that if your wood is varnished I would stick them on as described in the packet, if when they come off they leave a sticky residue, then buy some 'sticky stuff remover'. I would only avoid using if the wood was bare and hadn't been treated.

sarahtigh Thu 04-Nov-10 08:59:07

i would not use them if they are antique or french polished it will spoil them and re doing french polish is very very expensive, my DD is just toddling walking and we are not using them we have a stairgate and fireguard but notihng else live n old house the kitchen cupboards are heavy wood sliding ones so even if ewe wanted cupboard locks they don't exist for that type of door, if your child walks into table etc they will soon learn not too falls and grazes and bruises are part of growing up if knees not grazed not having enough fun!

Julia11841 Mon 08-Nov-10 17:12:51

Thanks everyone. I'm not going overboard, we just have a couple of nasty corners she keeps dunting her forehead on that I'd rather pad out a bit for her. When I said 'loads' I was including foam edging for the granite hearth which has been a godsend so far.

I think we'll just persevere with the masking tape and just keep sticking it back on. She'll only be a rugrat for a short while longer!

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