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What should I buy my Wife as a gift after the baby is born ?

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bluemooner Wed 27-Oct-10 13:57:59

Does anyone have any good ideas what to buy my wife after our baby is born ? (now only about a week away..)Just to say she is not big on jewellery, but was thinking along the lines of a day at a spa ? other ideas have been a new digital camera (to take lots of pictures of our new arrival)


PortoFangO Wed 27-Oct-10 14:00:36

I like the camera idea. A spa might be a bit much when you've just had a baby. Or what about vouchers for treating herself to a new post pg outfit...?

bluemooner Wed 27-Oct-10 14:01:25

Does a Digital Photo Frame sound a bad idea ?

notasausage Wed 27-Oct-10 14:01:41

Camera is probably a better idea than the spa day although she will need the spa day more!!! She just won't want to leave her new baby for that length of time and if she does then she won't be relaxing but worrying about the baby.

It's a bit of a minefield and you know your wife best. Something she can keep - why jewellery is usually popular.

Ghoulfriend Wed 27-Oct-10 14:02:48

Camera is a lovely idea! Awww how nice! smile

Don't forget to come back on here once your baby is born and let us know!

Simbacat Wed 27-Oct-10 14:08:13

I visited a friend last week who had a new mulberry bag described as her 'pushing present'. Her daughter was 2weeks old.

I thought it was a bit patronizing and uneccessary. They have joint money and so she was basically paying for it as well.

After having a baby i didn't really want anything other than someone who did what I asked when I wanted it ( ie knew When I wanted help and when to be Alone).

If you are thinking special jewellry etc I could see that. Something that would last forever. Plant a tree?

How about a small treat everyday for the first few weeks?

lia66 Wed 27-Oct-10 14:12:28

I would say a camera is a family present to be honest, I'm sure you'll be using it as much as your wife. In fact, if you don't have a camera, I would suggest you get one before the birth.

Something fairly frivolous that she wouldn't normally spend buying for herself would be my suggestion,

Check out how she feels about spa day things cos I'm not sure i'd like that kind of thing.

winnybella Wed 27-Oct-10 14:13:56

What I wanted when DD was born was to be able to stay with her in bed for a week and just take care of her. The fact that DP did all the cooking, cleaning etc plus his share of nappy changes etc was great and much better than just getting a material gift and no help.

Other than that I think lovely flowers waiting for your wife when she gets back from the hospital. Nice bath stuff or cream etc. Vouchers for her favourite shop, be it bookstore or clothes.

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Wed 27-Oct-10 14:14:47

Serious diamonds grin

winnybella Wed 27-Oct-10 14:15:05

Agree camera is more of a family gift, unless your wife wanted one for ages.

mamsnet Wed 27-Oct-10 14:16:24

For me spa days and all that were just a huge STRESS to get the baby to go longer between feeds etc..

I let more than one such token expire.

All she'll need is YOU taking really good care of her smile

Simbacat Wed 27-Oct-10 14:16:31

Whoops wasn't mulberry was Louis vuitton but you get the idea. Very expensive and probably not the 1st thing that she would have spent £800 on- she hadn't chosen it or expressed any Interest in it before.

foofi Wed 27-Oct-10 14:19:57

I find this a bit weird - certainly didn't get bought presents when I had my dcs. I suppose if you're desperate to spend some money, I would say pay for someone to do the ironing or the cleaning. She's certainly not going to be caring about handbags for a while, or able/wanting to go to a spa just yet.

Simbacat Wed 27-Oct-10 14:20:04

Bath stuff would be good. Long baths are greatafter giving birth. But you need someone to look after the baby while you are in it. So you take the baby for a walk ( so if it cries she won t hear it) and nice bath stuff would be great.

bluemooner Wed 27-Oct-10 14:20:15

thanks for the tips, sorry I did forget to say that she already has a camera, just that was what someone suggested as he had bought one for his wife. I can see what you all mean about the spa, a treat everyday she already has, thats me !!! - and as I say jewellery isnt really her thing.

Hohumchops Wed 27-Oct-10 14:22:49

how about some nice meals for the freezer or getting some nice food shopping delivered for the first couple of weeks?

Photo frame for a photo of her and the baby?

clothes are a need as soon as she is up and about - a couple of weeks or so - as will likely not fit in anything in her wardrobe.

What about a lovely scarf or gloves (for pushing a pushchair over winter!), so she feels snuggled up and treated - i hadn't bought clothes and stuff for such a long time, a new pair of socks would have been lovely!

I would agree that if it's vouchers, then make sure they have a long date on them, and you should get a camera first!

Roshin Wed 27-Oct-10 14:24:04


<Please be you DH> grin

Roshin Wed 27-Oct-10 14:26:10

I also like the idea of paying for the washing and ironing to be done - maybe even a temp cleaner. God that would be bliss.

<crosses fingers>

lucy101 Wed 27-Oct-10 14:26:21

as many hours as you can afford with a post-birth doula - this is the only thing I would actually like!

Roshin Wed 27-Oct-10 14:27:26

and flowers, of course.

bunnymother Wed 27-Oct-10 14:29:00

How about something snuggly and comforting ie cashmere cardigan / wrap or White Company velour hooded dressing gown (God knows your DW will prob be spending much of her night time awake)? That's assuming the household help situation is sorted - my no 1 stress w DD was the shambolic state of our place. I was always holding her so just had to sit and look at mess.

YummyorSlummy Wed 27-Oct-10 14:29:42

What a nice husband you are bluemooner! Can you phone mine up and give him some tips? grin I think either a nice piece of jewellery (how about a Pandora charm bracelet with a charm on that's the babys birthstone, then if you have any more babies you can add to it!) or the vouchers for buying clothes with.

BellaBearisWideAwake Wed 27-Oct-10 14:30:03

a cleaner

YummyorSlummy Wed 27-Oct-10 14:30:55

Sorry bluemooner just seen the bit about not being big on jewellary! I'd go for clothes vouchers and flowers then!

bluemooner Wed 27-Oct-10 14:33:50

again thanks for the tips,

Cleaner - that will be me
Ironing - that will be me
Cooking - that will be me

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