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Those 'Firsts' you don't write in the baby book. . .

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FranknCock Thu 21-Oct-10 16:23:42

First steps, first words, first haircuts, great baby book fodder.

Today, DS (14mo) had another first that I won't write in the book:

In Mothercare, took DS out of pushchair to try something on him. He started walking a month ago and now wants to walk all the time, so I let him stay out and toddle (wasn't busy in there). Turned my head for a few seconds to look at something, looked back and he was gone!

Cue mad dash around area in a wild panic, mind thinking the worst, 'there's no one in here, how could he have been taken?'. After an eternity (15 seconds), spotted his arse sticking out from under a clothing rack where he was hiding, not two feet from where I'd been.

So, first time lost in a shop: 21 October 2010

And I can't remember the exact date, but we had a 'First shit in the bath' a few months ago.

Other 'Firsts' you'd like to forget? Confess them here!

MrsShriekTheScared Fri 29-Oct-10 00:14:08

OP - my ds2, aged 23mo at the time, got lost in Meadowhall shopping centre, in Next to be precise. He'd decided to climb out of the car-thing that we'd hired to push him round in supposedly to entertain him, and next thing, gone.

Me : almost hysterical, running round the shop like a loon, they put three staff on the doors and stopped anyone going in or out.
Him : trots about for a bit, then decided to take himself round the back of the cash desk (realising they couldn't see him from the front) and said "I've got out of the little car but I really need to find my mummy back now". Said shop assistant picks him up, he points me out, job done.

MaMoTTaT Fri 29-Oct-10 00:23:08

DS1's first "open" usage of the word "Penis"

HE's always known what the proper word was since he was young, but always referred to it as a "pee-pee" in front of me and around his brothers - so they call it the same thing. He's said the word to me often enough in quite, private conversations but nothing more.

But yesterday I had the delight of hearing him yell


at the top of his voice, next to the dining room window, which is single glazed, at the front of the house and lets even "normal" conversations filter through.......

vole3 Fri 29-Oct-10 06:56:54

Thank god I did my keigels as can barely see from crying and laughing so much.
Thanks for a great start to my day

DS first 'there's been an incident' at nursery was deciding to have a pee up the garden fence, just missing his key workers feet

fluffy123 Fri 29-Oct-10 10:19:06

Stripped of naked in a soft play area.

ImaginaryBongos Fri 29-Oct-10 10:26:22

First time he got travel sick...on a long distance train, voluminously sick down my top, it went all down in my bra and collected in pools, all down my back and in my hair, all over the middle of the carriage floor...

<still traumatised>

kingbeat23 Fri 29-Oct-10 12:55:35

First time DD - 18 mo - farted on my lap and then forced another 3 out because I was laughing so much - yesterday!

PinkIsMyFavouriteCrayon Fri 29-Oct-10 13:33:50

First time you attempt to tell them off (DD pulling phone wire out of socket, say NO! loudly, DD looks at you, repeat three times, DD cries, --Mummy immediately picks DD up and cuddles-- Mummy stays strong and enforces her discipline.

DD's first period, THREE DAYS OLD! Blumin BF hormones, good job myself and huge portion of family is nursey otherwise would've crapped myself.

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 14:26:02

First anaphlatic shock
first peadiatric appoint - Pead was a twat but ds peed into his mouth.
First exploded nappy, and accompanied first 3hour clean up of nappy innards from child, child's cloths and cot, floor and everywhere else.

first time they discover how babies are made (the mechanical aspect ie penis in vagina bit) combined with the first time you realise that you really really have to check the contents of the science information book you have let them look at because you didnt know they could read that well. blush

Ds' first realisation that you have to left the errection subside in the morning before you can get dressed.

the first time they get brought back by a policeman

the first time they make grandmother puke because the describe in detail how to gut a fish. Complete with all gore and explanations as to what each internal organ does/did for the soon to be fried for tea fish

The first time you realise they are never going to believe in things like father christmas and the tooth fairy

God help me when he gets to be a teenager the kid is only 6.

saffy85 Fri 29-Oct-10 16:27:10

The first ever poo- <shudder>

The first time we played hide and seek and I thought "ooh DD is bit quiet" (aged about 15 months) she was under the table calmly attempting to swallow a 2 pence piece.....

Followed up by first frantic call to NHS direct.

The first proper tantrum in public. Wrestling with a 1 and a half year old and losing badly. Buggy goes over as you try to cram them back in while everyone walks past tutting, and the only person who stops to help is a drop dead gorgeous builder....

First time DC kicks a stranger in the face. A stranger mummy quite fancied. blush

First time DD nearly got hit by a car when she forgot how to stop her scooter. Cue my hysterics when I get there just in time. Mind you this was also first time she said "I love you mummy" off her own back smile

sickoftheholidays Fri 29-Oct-10 17:23:22

One first I clearly remember - the first christmas play. DS standing at the front row of "angels" age 4 years 1 month, alternating picking his nose and eating it and playing with his willy with his hand down his trousers. Got that one on video for the ritual humiliation when he brings his first girlfriend home

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