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Outside play

(10 Posts)
Star Tue 14-Aug-01 17:31:14

Message withdrawn

Chairmum Tue 14-Aug-01 20:12:30

Two of my children were/are like this. My eldest once spent an entire summer indoors, 'in case a bee flies into the garden', even though he'd never been stung, while my 5 yr old daughter has played for 2.5 minutes, all summer, in a sand pit I paid 40 quid for!! I wish I knew what the answer was.

Lil Wed 15-Aug-01 07:55:32

Ban playstations.

I had some friends round the other day, and their children just played on their playstations all the time. It was a hot day and my little boy whad been looking forward to them coming over and playing outside with them, But their parents allowed them to be totally unsociable all day. Bloody annoying and bad manners!

Emmam Wed 15-Aug-01 07:59:44

How about suggesting a picnic in the garden? Or setting out an obstacle course using things like the clothes prop and brooms as jumps? When I was little we used to spend hours building a den around our climbing frame using old curtains and clothes pegs!

To get my little boy in the garden all I've got to suggest is whether he'd like some water! He spends ages tipping it in different containers or watering the plants. You could have a car wash, or washing dolls clothes for example.

I sometimes let my son draw with his chalks on the patio - a good rain, or the hosepipe at the end of the day removes all traces.

My sister drags an old duvet out in to her garden and puts loads of cushions out so its just a really comfortable place to lounge around, read comics and do colouring in.

Ems Wed 15-Aug-01 12:22:57

Star, mine are loving it out there at the minute, and I'm the one saying, lets sit down, lets have a drink, lets go inside, but thats because I am usually in goal pretending to be Sunderland as son is being Reading and toddler is invading the pitch with his tweenies ball!

I find a den always works, cushions, blankets, anything old and knackered in the airing cupboard. Treat is having the Fisher Price tape recorder in the den too.

The other winner is water, in any form, watering cans, hose pipe, sprinkler, empty the cupboard of all plastic cups and bowls.

I bought a £5 tube of little dinosaurs from ELC or Sainsburys, and they are the best thing in the sandpit at the moment, get hidden etc.

Or I take the box of cars out of the playroom, onto the patio. See what 'rubbish' you have for tunnels, houses, garages etc.

Good luck!

Lil, your playstation story was awful. I'd have been really cross.

Tigermoth Wed 15-Aug-01 12:33:49

Aren't children perverse?

I'd definitely limit the playstation, Star, but you probably already do this, I should imagine.
If you're feeling rich and indulgent, you could buy your son a gameboy - he could carry it out in the garden and then lounge around on a duvet and cushions as per Emmam's suggestion!

Promises of hole digging and mud pie-making might lure them out. My son used to love taking out old pots and pans and making a 'soup' out of water, soil, twigs, leaves pebbles etc. Very messy, but if you're gardening anyway it won't matter as much.I don't know how old your children are, so it's difficult to be specific.

My 7 year old spends vast amounts of time making dens and swings with his friends in the small wood that backs onto our garden.

Also when I got home from work yesterday I turned on the garden hose and sprinkler for half a dozen children, aged 2 to 8. It kept them happy for a hour. The Early Learning Centre had lots of different sprinkler/water toys the last time I looked. Might be worth paying a visit.

Star Wed 15-Aug-01 14:20:55

Message withdrawn

Tigermoth Thu 16-Aug-01 16:31:48

Just as a PS, Star. What about getting one of those temporary gazebos for your garden to create another 'room' outdoors?

Star Thu 16-Aug-01 19:39:43

Message withdrawn

Tigermoth Fri 17-Aug-01 08:33:56

Star, it's temporary because it's a tent. I am talking about those square structures, open sided with a peaked roof. They were some on sale at Asda a few months ago for £20.00.m Here in the south east the weather looks pretty OK for today - hope the sun shines for you wherever you are!

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