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Anyone with child with chronic fatigue syndrome?

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tich26 Fri 10-Sep-10 23:15:21


My son (now 9) was critically ill 4 year ago and since then he's been intermittently poorly with similar symptoms each time. I've gone backwards and forwards to dr's and just kept being told that some children are just poorly.

There's been lots of other issues going on though.

The last few months he has got worse and finally we've been referred to a paediatrician - she immediately diagosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrom.

Just wondering if anybody out there is dealing with this as it is so exhausting for all.


PositiveAttitude Sat 11-Sep-10 09:03:36

HI tich

here is a thread for mums of Dcs with CFS/ME. Lots of info on there and we are a friendly bunch who all understand, cos we've been there!!

All ages of DCs affected and all at different stages, but we will support, encourage and guide as best we can!! smile

Please come and join us.

FerrisBueller1972 Wed 12-Mar-14 12:14:14

Could someone please link to the CFS/ME in children thread as I could really do with some advice!
TIA smile

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