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Good toys for a 2 year old?!

(27 Posts)
crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 22:04:02

Any suggestions??

DS is going to be 2 in october and ive started shopping for birthday bits.. ive got a couple of things but i am at a dead end! I honestly dont have a clue what sort of things he will like! Hes got a few of the Little People toys, like Little People Garage, Little People Pirate Ship, etc etc, but he doesnt really play with them, ever!! Hes got loads of ride-ons, so thats out of the question. Ive got him an easel as he loves to draw, and he loves spongebob but hes got loads of spongebob stuff! He loves toy story but figures n talking buzz for example he gets so bored with them after hes heard what they say! lol.

Please help! Anyone who has a 2 year old little boy what would you recommend??

Thanks guys x

saucetastic Sun 29-Aug-10 22:06:30

A wooden train set, the type you can keep adding on to, will serve you for many years to come!

AlgebraRocksMySocks Sun 29-Aug-10 22:08:41

I got this for DD when she was 2, she loved it.

train set is a great idea too, all the different wood ones fit - we've got starter kits from Tchibo, Ikea, Chad Valley etc.

crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 22:35:51

Gosh yes! A train set! Fab idea! Toys r us have a good one, thanks for that :-)

Oh and hes very much into dinosuars, and i just found this: 230,default,pd.html

it looks amazing, he loves building things so this is a definate buy! Wlw never seen anything like that..

He loves bricks but hes got a huge bag of big duplo lego, so maybe a build your own thomas tank engine (duplo thomas) Looks quite good!

Any other suggestions?? x

Pluto Sun 29-Aug-10 22:43:09

It sounds like your DS has most of the things a typical two year old might like. Have you got any of the Wow toys range of cars / trucks? My 18mo DS loves the racing cars which come as a pair. They are fantastic quality and really good value...I think I paid about a tenner on Amazon.

I agree about the train set. My older DS was given a little Brio starter train track when he was 2 and although he didn't really play with it until he was closer to three it has had years and years of service and people added to it as he got older. He has lots of Brio now and I consider it a kind of heirloom. I hope his children will play with it all one day.

Otherwise why not some lovely books or dressing up clothes?

nancy75 Sun 29-Aug-10 22:46:36

stickle bricks/duplo/lego type stuff. dd had one of those aqua draw things at that age and loved it (so did i as they can scribble away and there is no mess)

nancy75 Sun 29-Aug-10 22:48:05

stickle bricks

crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 23:00:13

thanks guys x hugely appreciated!!

ive decided on the dinosaur set, brio train set, and ive also just got him a buzz lightyear dress up costume and a sportacus one so thanks for that idea Pluto!

Stickle bricks sound fab!! Really glad i put this thread up!! Lol!! thanks everyone x

crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 23:01:56

oh and hes got loads of books as he loves books sooo much, so Im thinking some more books aswell, charity shops are the best for childrens books at fraction of the cost! :D

aviatrix Sun 29-Aug-10 23:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nancy75 Sun 29-Aug-10 23:16:24

is that comment really necessary aviatrix? it sound like the child is the ops first, its no so unusual to want to spoil them on their birthday.
She has also memtioned that she buys the books in charity shops, other toys may have come fron there too.

aviatrix Sun 29-Aug-10 23:19:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KickArseQueen Sun 29-Aug-10 23:24:04

one of these I have a just 1 yr old and a 2.7 and the think its the bees knees

BibiThree Sun 29-Aug-10 23:25:09

A small backpack. Essential for carrying important things around. My three have all had bags and spent hours carrying around toddler essentials, packing and unpacking them.

KickArseQueen Sun 29-Aug-10 23:25:50

Aviatrix you could save the world and yourself some resourses and switch off the computer.

bulby Sun 29-Aug-10 23:34:15

Ha ha kick arse! I also hate it when people make comments like aviatrix for all we know the op could spend all free time volunteering, how dare someone buy their child a present

crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 23:41:52

Likin that comment KickArseQueen! ;)

I really dont shower him with material goods whatsoever, hes a child and i love him, he gets all the emotional love and support from me that he needs. If you cant answer my question or at least offer me positive advice then i suggest you dont bother posting quite frankly!

crazyhayz Sun 29-Aug-10 23:44:20

I not only buy from charity shops but i also give to them on a regular basis. Not that I even have to justify myself or my life to you in any way shape or form! why does this board allow posters like that? I just dont get it. Cannot stand negative nitpicking people!! Grrrr

nannynobnobs Sun 29-Aug-10 23:53:34

I just made my DD2 (3yo) an I Spy bag which is recommended for 2+. She loves it, my 8yo DD1 loves it, and I just took it to a bbq where a thirtysomething woman spent twenty minutes with it too before it was passed round the table!

pirateparty Sun 29-Aug-10 23:58:50

nannynonobs - they llok great. Do you just find the things in the 'window' or can you take them out? I'm a bit confused by the website.

And you made one yourself?! Wow. How?!

<impressed with talent emoticon>

gigglewitch Mon 30-Aug-10 00:10:40

defo the trains

I also think you're on the right line with the little people thing, my dses had ELC "Happyland" which we added to over the years, and even at 7 ds2 still loves setting it all up and playing with it.

KickArseQueen Mon 30-Aug-10 00:11:19

Heres Nannynobnobs link here

I would love one of these for my nieces birthday but with 4 lo's I do not have time to make one, is there anywhere in the uk I can buy one???? I've just been searching but can't find

nannynobnobs Mon 30-Aug-10 02:10:41

I have a lot of crap in my house so yes, I had lots of small bits to put in eg polly Pocket shoes and handbags, marbles, dolls house mini bits, buttons, foreign coins- it's endless what you can put in. The idea is that the bags come with a list of whats in there though I didn't make one. You can challenge your child to find this or that, find everything and tick them off, or just let them sit and be absorbed.
You can't take the things out no, it's like a neverending treasure hunt, things reveal themselves briefly to slip back into the unknown
They are really very easy to make. I used an old toiletry bag cut up for the vinyl window and dry rice for the filler. Don't be afraid to give it a go.

nannynobnobs Mon 30-Aug-10 02:12:59

KickArse they sell them on Misi it's like a smaller UK based Etsy. And they have lots on Etsy of course but will be mostly US.

pirateparty Mon 30-Aug-10 11:25:28

nannynobnobs (not nannynonobs as I called you before - sorry blush grin) - you have inspired me! Going to give it a go.

crazyhayz -the other thing my little boy adores is his little pretend kitchen, and one of his friends has a bbq - they love pretending to cook. Oh, and a tea set - we have lots of (pretend) tea parties, a dolly in a pushchair and a dustpan and brush.

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