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What do they wear when they grow out of bodysuits?

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mrsflux Sun 15-Aug-10 08:53:20

Ds is too big for bodysuits. Shops don't seem to make them for older than 2yo and ds doesn't fit them anymore. (he's only 16mo so still little)
Do you abandon vests when this happens or do you get the little White sleeveless ones.

Just wondering.

Firawla Sun 15-Aug-10 08:56:02

you can get 2-3 years ones or do you mean he's grown out of those too? (if hes only outgrown the 18-24 you can get 2-3 in mothercare, next and tesco, maybe also elsewhere)
if he outgrew all of them i would put in the sleeveless ones if cold and not bother in summer, i dont bother with them for my 2 year old in summer, even for the baby if its hot he will go without

deemented Sun 15-Aug-10 08:56:17

Go for the white sleeveless ones. Or get vest extenders if length is a problem.

Rockbird Sun 15-Aug-10 08:56:49

Some places do sell 2-3yrs, I think Tesco do and Next and Mothercare.

But DD is 2.7yo and we're moving onto normal vests <sob> Where did my baby go? <sob>

FerminaUrbinoDaza Sun 15-Aug-10 08:57:25

How tall is he? Mothercare do them up to age 2-3 (max height 98cm).

LackingInspiration Sun 15-Aug-10 09:16:13

They do do them for older than 2-3y - do you mean the little vests with short sleeves that fasten under the crotch? Or babygroes? Either way, you can get them for older babies and toddlers. You're just not looking hard enough! wink

mrsflux Sun 15-Aug-10 12:43:28

Oh thanks! Haven't seen any bigger than 18-24months in store. The problem is he has a VERY long body. Tesco, Mothercare have short bodies IME. Next didn't have anything last time I was in. Neither did m&s or sainsburys.
I'll look online as I don't want him to be grown up enough for big boy vests!

Fiddledee Sun 15-Aug-10 13:51:06

John Lewis online

compo Sun 15-Aug-10 13:57:16

Why do you need to bother with a vest? Just trousers and a t shirt will be fine in the summer, obviously with a cardi or coat, hooded top etc if you go out

mrsflux Sun 15-Aug-10 14:56:10

John Lewis are very small in the body too unfortunately as I love their stuff!

Can you see I've tried a large variety or shops in the last 16months! ;)

I'm thinking about winter as he's outgrowing his summer stuff so I'll be buying autumn/ winter soon.

hdoodle Wed 12-Jan-11 09:28:29

try natural clothing

or vertbaudet

or US site but they will deliver to UK and they go to 5T!!

Please, if anybody has other ideas, list them.

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