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Please can someone spell out potty training steps please?

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poshsinglemum Thu 22-Jul-10 21:04:40

I've been browsing the potty training forum but it seems to address specific dilemas rather than the bigger picture. So- where do I start?

DD is just over two and will wee in a potty but we have regressed. She'll sit on the loo but she won't wee in it and poos don't even figure.

jooseyfruit Thu 22-Jul-10 21:10:46

have you read cods potty training boot camp thread?

Lougle Thu 22-Jul-10 21:45:09

IME (Having potty trained 2 girls) the thing to do is

Don't worry about poos. They will come.

Don't worry about the loo. It will come.

Just decide on a time when you can afford a few accidents, and say "It's time to use the potty for wee wees now, DD"

Then put her in pants. No more daytime nappies.

You may have a few wet pants (DD1 was dry within a day. DD2 had lots of accidents).

Keep breezy about accidents "Never mind, let's get you new knickers. Don't forget, potty for wee wees" and ecstatic for successes "Wooohooo you're amazing, how did you get so good at that? I can't believe it...."

If you go for 3-4 days with no successes, or your DD seems really distressed, feel free to return to nappies and try again in a month or so.

Main importance is not to cause her to fear it.

poshsinglemum Thu 22-Jul-10 22:25:27

Thanks all. Do I need potty training pants such as brightbots? They are xepensive. I just bought some non-waterproof normal pants for 3 on ebay. Dora teh explorer. At least if they are not waterproof dd will learn that if she dosn't use the potty she'll get wet!

jooseyfruit Fri 23-Jul-10 10:45:34

NO don't need any training pants/pull ups anything, they're a con.

just some excellent big girl pants that she's chosen.

And loads of patience.

And a big bottle of carpet cleaner spray.


doggiesayswoof Fri 23-Jul-10 10:55:46

Just normal primark cheap pants - you will be chucking them out soon!

I waited until DD seemed interested in getting out of nappies (talked to her about other kids in her nursery wearing pants etc)

Then as Lougle says, just go for it, and when she has an accident, say "we pee in the potty/toilet don't we?" After accidents I used to take DD and sit her on the toilet just in case, this occasionally resulted in some more peeing and lots of praise.

IIRC cod recommended keeping sweets in the bathroom as an incentive but I never tried that!

(I'm avoiding the whole issue with DS who is 2.2)

jooseyfruit Fri 23-Jul-10 14:02:37

bribery is perfectly acceptable in this instance.

I'm using chopped up bounty bars, ds nibbles off the chocolate and hands me the middle bit

It's win win!

JeMeSouviens Fri 23-Jul-10 14:07:28

Brilliant, last time I looked for cods boot camp, all her posts were gone. She has a way with words doesn't she? "do not start if oyu are going ot poof out" love it grin

Francagoestohollywood Fri 23-Jul-10 14:16:50

I used to leave the potty in the toilet and encourage the dc to use it before bedtime (for instance)

With my first, I noticed that he woke up dry every single morning, so I put him on the potty when he woke up.

One day, at 2.6 he told me he didn't want the nappy and he hasn't had an accident since!

It happened more or less the same with dd, but she was younger, just over 2.

I basically didn't much potty train at all... I think it also helped that they saw other children using the potty at nursery!

Poo was a different matter though...

jooseyfruit Fri 23-Jul-10 14:19:27

rofl. not poofing out is VITAL!

Lougle Fri 23-Jul-10 18:24:01

Yes, don't be disillusioned if poos take a lot longer than wees. DD1 got it all straight away (which is very interesting, as she is the one with significant SN), but DD2 (the NT one) took ages with poos, and even used to wait until she had her night-time nappy on <crafty>.

With DD2 I got into the habit of asking her to check for 'secret wees' after she had weed, becuase I found that she didn't sit on the loo for long enough to completely empty her bladder.

Beattiebow Fri 23-Jul-10 18:29:01

wait until child says "mummy i'd like to wear pants". give child pants. all done. no incentives, no bribes, all done and dusted in 3 days with no (or very few) accidents. this worked for 4 of my children.

try too early and it will be more difficult.

jooseyfruit Sun 25-Jul-10 10:33:07

Lougle excellent tip on asking for 'secret wee'. I'd noticed ds2 had been doing lots of little wee's so tried your suggestion this morning and it has worked a treat so far. Thank you smile

Lougle Wed 28-Jul-10 22:35:35

Great smile

BeattieBow Sun 24-Jul-11 10:36:18

ha ha I was searching out Cod's potty boot training camp and found this thread that I smugly posted on.

I now have dc5 who is 3.4 and is firmly resisting training - he seems to have zero awareness of anything leaving his body. anyway, i couldn't find cod's rules because they were all deleted when her posts were, can anyone summarise them?


p99gmb Sun 24-Jul-11 14:09:02

Just going thru this for the first time too... just to clarify..

No nappies at all during the day..?? so whilst he's a dab hand at wee's, do I let him poo in his pants until he gets the hang of it?? At the moment he waits until bedtime nappy and then poo's..


FairyArmadillo Sun 24-Jul-11 14:20:10

BaettieBow - Cod's potty training boot camp is in the Mumsnet Toddler book. I'll try and find it....

crazycarol Tue 26-Jul-11 22:23:01

I chose a few nice days when the weather was good and we could spend virtually the whole day in the garden. Means you aren't constantly wiping up the little accidents! We were lucky within a week dd got the hang of poos and wees during the day. The first few days are the toughest. It would be so easy to give up after the first few accidents, but I think that gives mixed messages. Persevere.

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