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Have your DCs taken any of your personality traits? If so which ones?

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webchick Tue 20-Jul-10 11:29:17

My DD (8) has been invited to a birthday party and whilst she's normally up for social things she's quite anxious this time because there's one girl going who she just doesn't like. I think she's got too much of an over-bearing personality which my DD feels is too much for her....and she's rather duck out than endure a party with said girl. I would be wrong its just what I can gleen from her.

So, reading between the lines, she is quite like me in this situation - I also don't like loud, domineering people, and find myself just going totally shell-like until I can politely extract myself. I have always been like this from what I remember as a teenager onwards. I remember feeling awkward at parties and only found my true confidence oncew I left school, went to Uni and had misc jobs.

Does anyone else see themselves in their DCs and in what ways?

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