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Bath time blues...

(4 Posts)
JHM Tue 20-Jul-10 00:43:45

Is it just me or do others wish there was an easier way of carrying out this daily chore? Any suggestions or ideas as to how to make this quicker? I have twin girls...11 months!!

MrsJamin Tue 20-Jul-10 05:24:56

What don't you like about it? Too boring? Stressful? What about some new bath toys? Or put on some of your music in the background?

JHM Tue 20-Jul-10 15:51:59

It's fun but sometimes I wish I could wash/bath them quicker. Running the bath, putting them in, soaping them up, rinsing them times it's just a bit...well...long!

TurtleAnn Tue 20-Jul-10 19:03:04

I have to do my son twice a day in water upto his neck as part of a dermatology routine to treat his ezcema. It is no flippin' fun. We have a bunch of toys, bath mats, towels, games & songs to make it fun, and DS doesn't object, but he doesn't really comply much either!
It works! so I cant get out of it that way.
I know what you mean, time consuming, effortful and talk about creating a mess. Oh and I almost forgot to add stressful when DS tries to either drink the water of dive in it.

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