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Changing child's name

(2 Posts)
avariceandlatinos Mon 19-Jul-10 19:50:35

My partner and i want to change (or possibly add) a middle name to our child's name, however, having consulted the relevant authorities, it's only possible to change it on the birth certificate up to 1 year, he's almost that now, however if official documentation shows that he was using more or a different first name before that date, it can be changed, which would be quicker than going down the registry office now as we aren't 100% sure, but we want the option a bit longer.
Any ideas what kind of official documentation i can use? They say a bank account, isn't he too yung to get his name on a bank account and wouldn't they refuse to use anything but the names on the birth certificate? Sounds like a catch 22!

Any help?

bigstripeytiger Mon 19-Jul-10 19:57:44

He isnt too young to have a bank account.

I dont remember showing my childrens birth certificates on opening their bank accounts, but its possible that I have forgotten blush

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